Vuitton vs Kusama in Mayfair

I was really struck with a vibrant window display down in the mean streets of  London’s Mayfair.  Having originally ventured into the area to try and catch a glimpse of the ‘falling shopper’ Banksy on Bruton Lane it was an easy wander just round the corner onto Bond Street.  For those who don’t know then this is the place to be if your family business involves drilling for oil either in a tundra or in a desert.

The Louis Vuitton store is vibrantly obvious boasting as it does a large window display by Japanese artist Yayoi Kusama.  The display is full of vibrant red and white polka dots.  It features a model of the artist herself alongside a a lot of flowers and odd shaped tentacles.  To be fair it is worth seeing and there are more displays inside.  Just don’t go too far in as the outrageous prices might swamp your senses and you might lose all sense of reality and control.

For some more pictures of Kusama’s work in windows around London and other cities try here and here.


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