Paige Denham paints Ordinary Murals in Thamesmead

Murals inspired by the ordinary things in life have appeared in Thamesmead. Transforming a series of three circular air vents they are the work of local artist Paige Denham. The murals providing a bright and colourful contrast to the buildings around.

Paige Denham by her latest series of murals on air vents in the Thamesmead estate. Photo courtesy Paige Denham

Ordinary Things

It’s about “loving the ordinary things that make our community” said Paige. Taking the shapes and patterns from the world around her. These are the things that make up the foundation of the town. Bins, fences, benches, telephones poles as well as Thamesmead’s concrete tower blocks. All isolated into shapes and then worked into a composition.

Each mural is inspired by everyday shapes and images seen locally. Photo courtesy of Paige Denham

Overlooking the Everyday

“Too often we overlook the interesting shapes, textures and patterns that make up our environments. This project isolates those things and gives them space to be celebrated. I hope that this mural inspires local people to look and recognise the things around them”.

Thamesmead Street Art

Supported by Peabody the ‘Ordinary Murals’ will become part of the Thamesmead Street Art Trail. Building on a series of works created in 2020. That project saw a series of eight murals created in the Thamesmead underpasses. Featuring a range of local and national artists (including another from Paige) you can read all about those murals here.

The murals against the backdrop of the concrete towers. Photo courtesy of Paige Denham

New Commissions

This time seven artists have been commissioned to create new street art across the Thamesmead estate. All with the intention of helping to improve, grow and support the area. Peabody’s ambition is that culture becomes ever more a part of everyday life and street art is one way of doing that.

New mural on an air vent. Photo courtesy of Paige Denham

Seven artists have been commissioned for the 2023 Peabody Street Art commission. The artists and murals were supported by Peabody and chosen by a panel of art experts and local residents after applying as part of an open call for submissions. The ordinary murals can be found on Hartslock Drive next to Southmere Lake in Thamesmead.

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