Benalla the Street Art Town of Victoria

Benalla is a town in North East Victoria known for it’s street art. The result of a number of successive street art festivals, they have left a legacy. Wander through the streets and you are bound to come across murals from a variety of artists.

Giant street art murals in Benalla
Insane51, Adnate and Clare Foxton on big walls in Benalla. A sculptural piece from Alistair Mooney can be seen in the foreground

Wall to Wall Festival

The wall to wall festival started in Benalla in 2015 and held annual events up until 2019. The pandemic then played a part in preventing further festivals though further events are on the cards. In total over 70 murals can be found across the town and all are within easy walking distance of each other. Given the size of Benalla it will take only a few hours to wander around and discover the majority of them.

A mural by the artist Sirum seen through barbed wire part of the street art of Benalla
Mural by Sirum in the car park of Rambling Rose. It shows Ned Kelly looking at a mask

North East Victoria Silo Trail

North of Benalla is the North East Victoria Silo Art Trail. Many of the pieces forming part of the trail were also created as part of the wall to wall festivals. Townships such as Goorambat, Devenish, St James and Tungamah all have significant silo art murals to see. A little to the east of Benalla there is also painted water tank to discover in the Winton Wetlands.

A street art mural in Benalla
A big mural celebrating Benalla from Tim Phibs and George Rose

Artists from all over Australia and the world have come to paint in Benalla. Australian artists Adnate, Kaff-eine, Lisa King, Tim Bowtell, Rosie Woods and Rone are well known for their work all over the country. Others such as Greece’s Insane51, Belgium’s Caratoes, Malaysia’s Jagung and American street artist have travelled widely with their art.

Map of Street Art in Benalla

A selection of images from the streets of Benalla. Most of the murals are within easy walking distance of each other and all have been painted between 2015 and 2019. To see the work allow at least two hours to explore the streets of the town,

Hand puppets from 23rd Key
Snake from Sirum on Salisbury Street. Part of the 2015 festival
This from Sofles can be found on the edge of town near the roundabout leading to Witt Street
Skinny mural from the 2018 festival on Clarendon Street
Mural from Malaysian artist Akid One as part of the 2019 festival. It shows the playing of a traditional Malaysian game called Congk’a’k
Tessa by Dvate. A portrait of the artists own dog
Kaffeines prancing unicorns
Mural from Lisa King
‘An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind. A quote from Ghandi painted by Tim Bowtell in 2016
A gloriously Australian scene from Chris Henderson
A number of smaller pieces can be seen from Captain Ear Wax from 2018
Portrait from Rosie Woods as part of the 2018 festival
Work from Leonard Slaw on the side of a toilet block behind the main street
American street artist Elle painting for the 2019 festival
Mural from Loretta Lizzio with work from Tom Gerrard underneath
Adnate’s portrait from the 2016 festival
Cristen Brunner piece from the 2017 festival
Unicorns playing from Kaffeine
Belgian duo Caratoes painting for the 2019 festival
The Regent Honeyeater from Dvate
Rone piece in a back alley from 2017.
Cocky Cubist a work from Chris Henderson aka Sirhc. The piece was inspired by some of Ned Kelly’s last days in prison
Work from Leans in Benalla
‘Thylacine Fever Dream’ a mural from Squid Licker for the 2019 festival
Work from Dvate created in 2015 on the back of Harrison Dobson Cottrell
Justine McAllister work underneath the library building
Alice Falling by Robyn Grove at the 2019 festival
A tribesman mourns his injured unicorn. An emotive piece on the library from Kaffeine as part of the 2018 festival
American artist Elle painted in the skate park for the 2019 festival
Work from Frenchman Luka Weber from 2019
Mural from Danielle Weber in the skate park
Local artist Tim Bowtell has a number of works in the area including this one near the library
Justine McAllister mural from 2018
Mattie Davo’s portrait of his daughter painted during the 2019 festival
A giant floor mural covering the skate park from Kitt Bennett
Part one of the wall from Jagung at the 2019 festival
Second part of Jagung’s wall at the 2019 festival. The location is a tricky to photograph alley just off the main street
Adnate mural created as part of the 2015 festival. It is one of the longest standing murals in the town
Greek artist Insane51 painting at the 2019 festival
This mural from Claire Foxton is a portrait of local Benalla teenager Jazzy Burke

The wall to wall festival is a street art festival which took place in the town of Benalla between 2015 and 2019. A planned festival for 2020 had to be cancelled due to the pandemic. More information about the festival can be found here.


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