Lucie Flynn Paints the Cargo Shutter on Rivington Street

A giant shutter on the entrance to the former Cargo nightclub has been painted by Lucie Flynn. The area is already well known for street art. Works by Banksy, Ben Eine and Thierry Noir can be found nearby. Flynn’s addition reveals a giant portrait. Multi-coloured and doe eyed she stares out at passers by as they wander along.

Supported by the Shoreditch Art Map and E1 Brew the piece is influenced by what Lucie describes as the “strength and freedom of being a woman”. This as well as the paintings of Marlene Dumas. “Always an inspiration in my studio” says Lucie. Passers by who come across the mural would, she hopes, see something different. Something that they cannot put a label on. “A painting that draws people’s attention. Not quite graffiti, not quite street art, something unique”.

Lucie Flynn mural on the shutter of Cargo on Rivington Street
Large shutter mural by Lucie Flynn on Rivington Street

Shoreditch Street Art

Known more as a contemporary artist, Lucie Flynn has been moving ever further into exploring her work on the street though her roots with the movement go deep. Once exhibiting her work at the famous Dragon Bar in Shoreditch. Sadly no longer there, this was at a time when the young street art scene was starting to explode in the East End. Moving from there to then working as part of the production team at Damien Hirst’s studio.

Lucie Flynn in action painting her mural in the Cargo shutter

“It’s completely accepted now” says Lucie of the artworld and how it views street art. “But that can often dilute what started off as a really groundbreaking movement. I don’t get a buzz from a lot of it but I’m happy it exists so ubiquitously”.

Lucie Flynn’s shutter artwork can be found at the entrance to Cargo on Rivington Street. It was painted during February 2022 and supported by E1 Brew and the Shoreditch Art Map

Beginnings of paint going onto the Cargo shutter

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