New Futures Mural by Li Hill in Brooklyn

New Futures is a mural by Aaron Li Hill which has been painted in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Part of a collaboration with Greenpoint Innovations the idea was to share a vision of a more sustainable world and future. It shows young people from a local school planting seeds.

The mural plays with the idea of ecosystems. How restoring these can in turn help to combat climate change, support public heath and help to promote food security. Aligning with the United Nations Decade of Ecosystem Restoration it is the youth who find themselves at the forefront of the debate. The imagery in the mural was taken from a photoshoot with students from Intermediate School 318, a long time partner of Greenpoint.

New Futures mural by Li Hill in Williamsburg
New Futures by Li Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

Planting Seeds

Within the piece the young people are planting seeds to restore an earth that is in peril. It’s a response to human activity over the years which has already caused significant harm towards natures symbiotic relationships. Showing the young people in this way acts as a homage to the youth of Brooklyn and from around the world who are trying to make a difference. Those who are putting their skills to work so as to ensure a sustainable and healthy future for all. They are working against a layer of orange-red in the background. This symbolises the flames of forest fires and other human caused destruction of ecosystems.

An aerial view of Li Hill’s New Futures mural

Ecosystem Restoration

Speaking about the mural ‘New Futures’, Li Hill said: “This mural shines a light on the vital role of ecosystem restoration in tackling climate change and food system instability, while also supporting natural freshwater and public health. This mural is for the youth, the world they will inherit, the challenges they will face, and the leading role that is thrust  upon them in ensuring a more sustainable future”.

Li HIll painting his mural New Futures in Williamsburg
Li Hill creating the initial stages of his mural ‘New Futures’

GreenPoint Innovations began producing public ‘art plus purpose’ activations in New York City in 2016. Then expanding internationally in 2019 in collaboration with the United Nations Climate Change Conference. It’s GreenPoint EARTH charitable initiative serves as a collaborative creative hub. One which aims to educate and inspire communities to act on climate and nature for a sustainable and prosperous future.

New Futures is a mural created by Aaron Li Hill in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. It has been supported by Greenpoint Innovations. The mural was painted for World Environment Day on 5 June 2021. It can be found on the border of Williamsburg and Greenpoint in Brooklyn, New York City. This is at the intersection of Berry Street and North 13th, across the street from McCarren Park.

Detail from New Futures the mural from Li Hill
Li-Hill commenting on the progress of the mural

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