Less Division More Ambition Mural in Chicksand Street Park

A new mural has appeared in Chicksand Street Park as part of the extended celebrations for Black History Month. Curated by community arts agency ‘Trapped in Zone One’ the piece was completed by street artists Coma and SkyHigh. It says ‘Less Division, More Ambition’.

Known for their community work in East London, Trapped in Zone One use the arts to promote unity particularly within Tower Hamlets. The slogan, painted along the side of the parks concrete football pitch, was chosen following work with local people.

Less Division More Ambition the mural in Chicksand Street Park
Less Division, More Ambition on Chicksand Street
Graffiti writers Coma and SkyHigh painting their mural in Chicksand Street Park
Coma and SkyHigh painting their mural in Chicksand Street Park

Chicksand Street Park Mural

Chicksand Street Park is an area easily accessed from Brick Lane. Situated at the heart of London’s East End, it is a place with a high proportion of social housing. An area which also in the past has suffered from racial divisions. The murals message of less division and more ambition speaks to the opportunity that exists within communities such as those around Chicksand Street.

Bablu Miah, founder of Trapped in Zone One said that a cultural project as part of Black History Month was a welcome and effective means of engagement with the community in Tower Hamlets… “Not only would it bring people together” he said. “We would also address how best to encourage more engagement and build on local pride and a sense of belonging in the borough”.

The word 'More' painted by graffiti artist Coma
More Ambition

Less Division More Ambition

The artists chosen are well known in the London graffiti scene. Both primarily known as graffiti writers they have spent years honing their own unique style. Combining the two together was a unique opportunity to add a message that would resonate within the area.

Coma and SkyHigh have worked together before. Earlier in the year at the same location they created a piece called ‘More Life Goals, Less Lost Souls’. That was to do with knife crime and also involved the local community in terms of its design and messaging. For this latest work they asked the question ‘What does diversity mean to you?’ It was this that inspired the slogan ‘Less Division More Ambition’.

Less Division More Ambition mural in London
Completed mural in Chicksand Street Park

Trapped in Zone One is a community arts organisation based in Tower Hamlets. The mural ‘Less Division More Ambition’ was painted with the support of local people by artists Coma and SkyHigh. It was in support of Black History Month and was also supported by Good Gym Tower Hamlets whose volunteers prepped the wall ready for painting.

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