Laura Benetton the Artist Linking Colour, Nature and Science

Laura Benetton is an Italian artist who lives and works in London. Known for her use of colour and bright abstract paintings. Her latest exhibition Metamorphosis examines the relationship between art, nature and science.

Metamorphosis is an exhibition which gives the viewer an opportunity to interact. To enter what Laura Benetton describes as a “vibrant and energetic path”. It will, she says, be a show where colour and movement intersect. Where dynamic, sophisticated and elegant contemporary artworks all come to life.

Laura Benetton portrait for Metamorphosis, her show in Milan
Artist Laura Benetton’s new exhibition in Milan is Metamorphosis


Originally planned for release in October the show has had to be postponed due to rising concerns over the pandemic. Speaking to us just before a second lockdown was announced in the UK, she had been preparing for it over in Italy. It’s a tough time she says but the decision was right. As an exhibition the work will be available to see online but the true experience is to walk through. To be immersed in a journey of her own artistic development over the past three years.

Neon Artwork by Laura Benetton
Neon Art by Artist Laura Benetton

Metamorphosis is also a carefully chosen title. An exhibition which not only explores her own work. It also examines the links between nature and art and with art and science. The process she says is everything to her. Often careful and precise about the initial start of a work, she becomes transfixed with it. Moving, often subconsciously, into a state in which the art is everything and a kind of trained instinct takes over.

Science and Nature

Laura Benetton the artist talks particularly of what the impact nature and being in nature means to her work. Current inspirations involve the flight of birds as well as the movement of the butterfly. Within this a wider understanding of just how birds fly or how the wings develop helps her to utilise these concepts in her work. As we speak she talks about thermodynamics and just how something like flight takes place. Telling me that the process is not dissimilar to that which inspired a planes design. Science, she says, is inspired by nature. They are linked.

Laura Benetton by an artwork in the Wimbledon Art Studios
Laura Benetton by one of her works at her former studio in Wimbledon

To look at her work the average viewer might find it difficult to know that these concepts exist within it. However this is the nature of her abstract style. The representation is not meant to lifelike. Rather, this is a feel, a kind of intuition. Colour too is important. Bringing in neon light to play more with it’s tone and feel. It elicits a mood or a feeling. Laura Benetton’s artwork is such that it changes with all these things. Her emotions and mood feed into her work and the colours are a part of that.

Artist Laura Benetton in her studio
Laura Benetton in her studio

Metamorphosis as a title seems to befit Laura’s current stage of career. Only now just moving away from Wimbledon Art Studios where we first met her. The change comes after years of having a studio in the complex. Considering what she tells us about her need to be in nature. It seems particularly fitting that her new studio even has a window.

Instagram Live Interview with Artist Laura Benetton

Taking place in Milan Metamorphosis by artist Laura Benetton was due to launch in October 2020 however has been delayed till the new year. The exhibition has been curated by Greta Zuccali and Laura Pivetta. It has also been supported by GAG London Equity Capital and Interface Facility Management. You can follow her on her instagram here and her website is here.

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