Above Beyond Below Mural in Seaham by Cosmo Sarson

Above Beyond Below is a mural tribute to the miners of Seaham. Painted by artist Cosmo Sarson it features a traditional trade union marching banner with two miners looking out from the gable end of the Volunteer Arms, a local family run pub.

Inspired by an artwork from Jamie Holman. Sarson has recreated it in large scale. Now Brighton based, Cosmo’s work is known for it’s epic nature. A recent 25 metre artwork on Brighton Pier followed on the heels of his gold and shimmering Angel of Brighton and his iconic Breakdancing Jesus image in Bristol.

Above Beyond Below is a mural in Seaham from Cosmo Sarson and Jamie Holman
A mural in Seaham called Above Beyond Below from Cosmo Sarson and designed by Jamie Holman

Above Beyond Below

Above Beyond Below is a mural which is the result of 11 months of engagement work from Holman and Alex Zawadzki. Working with young people across the East Durham area. It is one part of a much wider project incorporating art and music workshops. Commissioned by the arts organisation East Durham Creates. Their work centres around connection. That is connecting people to their own sense of place by means of art and culture.

In Seaham the mural is a contemporary take on an icon familiar across the North East. Taking the form of a traditional trades union banner. The colour scheme includes rich reds and golds associated with the marching banners which were often made of silk. Sarson, in his own work, takes influences from religious iconography. The trade union banners themselves have their own symbolism. They were iconic symbols of the trade union movement as it grew.

Miners shown on the Above Beyond Below Mural in Seaham
Miners shown on the mural by the Volunteer Arms

I’m recognised as a street artist, but in reality i’m a classically trained fine artist who’s scaled-up

Cosmo Sarson, Artist

Seaham Mural

Above Beyond Below is a project which references the life of the town of Seaham. Above represents the space now so recognisable to residents. A space which the mural has now become a part. Below is the representation of the miners and the mining history of the area. Beyond is about the future, the town’s young people and being forward looking.

“It is clear that young people want to see art that makes them proud of the places they are from” explained Holman. “The mural we are making will be seen in Seaham for years to come”

The mural was painted by Cosmo Sarson

Above Beyond Below was painted by Cosmo Sarson. It is a project from Jamie Holman and Alex Zawadzki who form ‘Uncultured Creatives’. It was commissioned by East Durham Creates, an Arts Council England funded, Creative People and Places Initiative.

Local people stand with an alternative banner created as part of a banner making workshop. It represents their own view of themselves and what matters to them.
Artist Cosmo Sarson painting in Seaham
Cosmo Sarson adding the final touches
The mural with scaffolding and local people
Above Beyond Below the mural by Cosmo Sarson
Above Beyond Below


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