Street Artist EDWIN calls out the Dangers of Climate Change at NuArt in Stavanger

London based street artist Edwin has created a powerful series of installation themed work drawing attention to the effects of climate change in Stavanger. Part of the popular NuArt festival, he has focused on the projected sea level rise which Stavanger could experience by 2100.

Posing the question “What would happen if tomorrow, we lived the same way as we did today?” He has created his piece using the perspective of ‘business as usual’. This is a type of scenario used when creating a point of reference for policy making. The perspective has seen the artist create points of reference for the sea level rise in black and yellow hazard stripes across the town.

Edwin creates his call to action on the side of Tou Scene in Stavanger

Creating a bit of a curiosity in an area well used to intriguing activity, he set about covering a number of landmarks with the stripes. The effect was to create a visual representation of where sea levels might be expected to rise to given a lack of action on climate change.

Explaining on his instagram the artist said “by the year 2100, areas close to the coast, like here in Stavanger, the sea levels may rise by 1 m or more. I have decided to show the good people of Norway what the levels may be like for their children and grandchildren if we continue living like it’s “business as usual”.

The NuArt festival in Stavanger took place between 5-8 September 2019. Edwin was a participating artist from London. For more images of some of the best art from previous festivals have a look here. The piece can be found at Tou Scene in Stavanger. To see art from the NuArt sister festival in Aberdeen have a look here.

Part of the installation at NuArt in Stavanger by Edwin
Local statue in Stavanger covered with tape indicating the potential sea level rise. Image taken from Edwins Instagram
Boy covered in tape showing where the sea level might rise to from its current point. Image taken from Edwins instagram via FifthwallTv
A local landmark covered with tape by Edwin. Image taken from Edwins instgram.


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