Banksy and Paul Insect take centre stage at Glastonbury

This years Glastonbury is a scorcher. Never mind the muddy fields, the event is taking place on one of the hottest weekends of the year. What’s more it’s not just the music taking the attention. Some big name artists have been making their presence felt including Banksy and Paul Insect.

Banksy tends to take the headlines. This time it was about taking the headlines on the main stage alongside headline act Stormzy. Wearing a Union Jack emblazoned flak jacket it turns out that Stormzy’s signature outfit was in fact made by Banksy. “I made a customised stab-proof vest” the artist announced on his Instagram, “and thought – who could possibly wear this? Stormzy at Glastonbury.”

Stormzy wearing the stab proof vest designed by Banksy at Glastonbury
Stormzy as captured on Banksy’s instagram channel. The jacket is was custom made by Banksy for his set at this years Glastonbury

Banksy Flak Jacket worn by Stormzy at Glastonbury

Stormzy seemed pleased too. “Last night I headlined Glastonbury in a stab proof vest” he wrote on his own account. “Custom made by the greatest, most iconic living artist on planet Earth. The one and only BANKSY!”

Bristol’s finest though wasn’t the only iconic street artist to make an appearance. Paul Insect, whose work is well known to us in the East End, also stole the show with a giant rainbow coloured deckchair. It was, according to Insect, “relaxing from our polluted sky’s and enjoying the best music and arts festival in the world.” It rapidly become one of the most photographed images from this years festival.

Glastonbury took place between 26-30 June 2019. Stormzy performed on the main stage with Banksys flak jacked on 28 June 2019. Paul Insects deckchair was their throughout the event. All pictures and quotes for this post have been taken from instagram. You can read more about the work on Banksy on Inspiring City by looking here.

Rainbow deckchair by Paul Insect at Glastonbury
Chilled out rainbow deckchair by Paul Insect at Glastonbury. Picture posted on Paul Insect’s instagram account
Stormzy performing at Glastonbury in the stab proof vest by Banksy
Stormzy on the stage at Glastonbury wearing a flak jacket custom made by Banksy. Image posted on Stormzy’s instagram
Rainbow deckchair by Paul Insect at Glastonbury 2019
Glastonbury deckchair by Paul Insect. Picture via Paul’s instagram

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