LAPIZ launches print for World Aids Day ‘Love All – Trust No One’

A limited edition print from LAPIZ will be released to coincide with World Aids Day on 1st December 2018 aiming to raise money for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town.

The image, first pasted up onto a wall on Dunedin in New Zealand in 2008, has been one which the artist has been creating each World Aids Day for the past 10 years. Painted or pasted up in various guises, the image called ‘Love All – Trust No One’ shows a couple kissing against the backdrop of a long row of graves over which is laid a red ribbon.

“Before my life as a street artist I was a scientist researching the development of vaccines” he told Inspiring City. From South Africa originally he was working at the Red Cross Children’s Hospital there as part of his work around trying to find a cure for the virus. “The experiences that I made while living and working in South Africa fundamentally changed who I was as a person and what was important in life” he said.

Eventually resulting in a moving away from his scientific career some years later LAPIZ instead decided to pursue a new way of life as a street artist. Working with big stencils his intention would be to use the medium to push what he describes as socio-critical ideas. Moving to New Zealand, it was the sharp contrast he saw in living conditions that would produce the impetus needed initially to start pasting socio-critical paste ups on the street.

Now living in Germany, LAPIZ has painted all over the World including at festivals such as Meeting of Styles, IBug and Upfest. Preferring to paint on a large scale he believes that if you have something to say you should do so loud and address as many people as possible. “This might not result in something that makes you smile” he says “but at least it will make you think.”


Called ‘Love All – Trust Non One’ the print from LAPIZ is a two colour (black and red) risograph measuring 42 x 30 cm. Each print is signed, numbered and limited to 100 copies with 3 artist proofs. The cost of each print is 30 euros and all sales proceeds benefit the Children’s Hospital Trust. A non-profit organisation collecting funds for the Red Cross Children’s Hospital in Cape Town South Africa. The print will be released at World Aids Day 2018 (1st of December).

The original paste up from LAPIZ which was first created in Dunedin, New Zealand in 2008

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