Banksy Art from 2002-2008 at the Lazinc Gallery

Featuring originals and prints from one of elusive street artist Banksy’s most productive periods. The Lazinc Gallery in Mayfair has put on an exhibition showcasing a selection of his work from 2002-2008.

Called the ‘Greatest Hits‘. It remembers a period when the artist was managed by former photographer turned art dealer, Steve Lazarides. Meeting in 1997 Lazarides had taken his portrait for the Sleaze Nation magazine. The two soon formed a partnership with would last until 2008.

banksy lazinc
Banksy as photographed by Steve Lazarides. Lazarides acted as his manager between 2002 to 2008


Some of Banksy’s most iconic pieces are included at the Lazinc including a famous selection from his 2005 ‘Crude Oils‘ exhibition in London. There the artist tried his hand at oil painting. Showing his versatility and moving away from his more recognisable street style. Those pieces re-imagined works by some of the old masters whilst incorporating his satirical wit.

Works too are displayed from exhibitions such as 2006’s ‘Barely Legal‘ which took place in Los Angeles and which really introduced the artist to an American audience. It also includes pieces from his 2003 London exhibition ‘Turf War‘. Held in a warehouse on the Kingsland Road in East London. It was shut down two days after opening due to Banksy’s reputation as a wanted man by the police. This, at a time when, illegal street art and graffiti was clamped down on a lot harder than it is now.

banksy lazinc
A canvas of one of Banksy’s most famous pieces ‘Girl with a balloon’ which was voted the nations favourite piece of art


The period between 2002-2008 showing at Lazinc is a time when Banksy the artist was really starting to make a name for himself on the art scene. Having moved from Bristol to London he had been experimenting with stencil for a couple of years by then and had already created some noticeable and iconic pieces. The likes of ‘Girl with a Red Balloon’, which years later would be voted the nations favourite piece of art, is one such example.

Certainly the Banksy exhibition at the Lazinc is a rare chance to see such a collection of works in one place. These were the years in which he would really emerge from the underground art scene and where he really started to stamp his mark into mainstream consciousness. So much so in fact that even now the terms Banksy and street art are often synonymous with each other in the minds of many.

The ‘Greatest Hits 2002-2008’ exhibition at the Lazinc Gallery runs from 12 July 2018 to 8 September 2018. The show was visited on 22 August 2018 and all exhibition photos were taken on the same date.


banksy lazinc
Sunflowers from Petrol Station. Part of the ‘Crude Oils’ exhibition from 2005
banksy lazinc
Vettriano, Beach Rescue 2005 painting originally part of the Crude Oils exhibition
banksy lazinc
Venus by Banksy, 2006
Love Chopper
Punk Churchill from the Turf Wars exhibition of 2003
The Kissing Coppers, a copy of which you can see in Brighton on the side of the Prince Albert pub
One of Banksy’s older stencils ‘Elephant Bomb’
Christ with shopping bags
Fallen Angel
banksy lazinc
Guantanamo Bay, 2006
Child in a bombsite
Flower Rioter

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