Blink and you might miss them! Five Shoreditch Graffiti pieces in hard to reach places

Some call Shoreditch London’s capital of street art. It’s certainly the home to many famous names and notable pieces but some of them aren’t as easy to spot as you might think. Walk too quickly, stare at your feet for a millisecond too long or take a left prematurely, and you might just miss a masterpiece.

Thankfully however our friends at The Stage  have handily put together a list of some of the tricker graffiti pieces to find and you can see them below:

Jaune – Mini Art

Location Address: 154 Brick Ln, London E1 6RU

You might literally blink and miss these cheeky chappies: Jaune’s hand-sized street cleaners hide on the corner of Brick Lane and Buxton Street at knee height. Jaune’s slightly ironic sense of humour is not lost; street cleaners may wear fluorescent clothes, yet despite this they seem to be invisible to everyone.

Juane - Mini Art the stage
Jaune’s street cleaners hiding away on the corner of Buxton Street

Cernesto – Elephants in Love

Location Address: Grimsby Street, E2 6ES

Grimsby Street is fairly insignificant – it’s a small side street which starts and then loops back around to Cheshire Street. It’s not a street you’d walk down unless you needed to visit Grimsby Street itself, which is why you’d be forgiven for missing Cernesto’s work. You’d be further forgiven as Cernesto’s elephants are up high! You really do have to look up, but when you do you will be rewarded with a pink bespectacled elephant entwined with a green one.

cernesto grimsby street
Hanging elephants from Cernesto on Grimsby Street

Dreph – Myvanwy

49 Brick Lane

‘Myvanwy’ is British-Ghanaian artist Dreph’s sixth subject in his ‘You Are Enough’ series. The series is  a seven portraits painted across London paying tribute to Dreph’s female friends who are doing amazing things for their communities and society at large. This gorgeous mural can be found in Star Yard which is well known for its transient street art – albeit slightly off the beaten track of Brick Lane. Myvanwy Evans, the subject of the painting, grew up around Shoreditch during the 80s.


Lewis Campbell – No Evil

1A Heneage St, London E1 5LJ

At the end of Heneage Street close to where it meets Brick Lane, Lewis Campbell’s three wise monkeys hug the side of an otherwise nondescript building. Make sure you look below waist height and you will see the offbeat caricatures of “see no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil”.

Three Monkeys Lewis Campbell
Three Monkeys by Lewis Campbell on Heneage Street

Alice Pasquini: Colourful Female

10 Quaker St, E1 6SZ

As it sandwiched between the doorway of Quaker Street Coffee & Bubble Tea Cafe, it’s likely you could miss Alice Pasquini’s colourful female. If you look hard enough underneath you will see a variety of different beauty treatments advertised, which feels fairly fitting. Alice hails from Rome but it is always welcome to spot her Shoreditch visits in art form.

Alice Pasquini Colourful Female - The stage
Small colourful woman stencil from Alice Pasquini on Quaker Street. There are a few of her pieces dotted around but you’ve got to look hard to see them

This was a guest post from guest blogger Heather Watson of ‘The Stage’ in Shoreditch. In case you wanted to locate more hard-to-reach graffiti works The Stage have put together a curated map of some of Shoreditch’s array of street art. Click here to view the resource in full

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