Ten Artists worth knowing about at the Art Republic Gallery in Brighton

A few weeks ago we joined a number of other bloggers to talk art and social media at the Art Republic Gallery in Brighton. It was a good old get together organised by the blogging agency ‘Blog Authentic‘ and hosted amidst the impressive art covered surroundings of one of the country’s leading art galleries.

It’s always good getting together with bloggers, especially those from outside your particular niche and certainly when one of the main focuses of the discussion was art. It gives a real feel for what other people think and how art can mean so many different things to different people.

Art Republic Brighton
Art Republic in Brighton. Photograph by Wilson Costa Campos

What’s more, it’s just always good to get down to Brighton. A place we know well and not least because of it’s amazing street art, the city has some of the the best in the country. In fact we only recently visited last month to take a look at the new Angel of Brighton mural from Cosmo Sarson. Suitably impressive and shimmering amongst the back streets of the city, there are many gems like that one to come across.

But we are in Art Republic, itself one of the country’s leading urban art galleries, and so  given the splendour of the surroundings we thought we’d take a look at some of the artists we reckon are worth knowing more about, ten in fact.


Okay so clearly we are gravitating here towards one of our own favourite artists and someone who regular readers will know we have featured a number of times. There’s a reason behind that of course, Lucy Sparrow is imaginative, innovative and is an artist who has literally carved out her own niche. You can read about Lucy here and also have a wander around her felt cave here.

Lucy Sparrow
Lucy Sparrow surrounded by felt just prior to her massive ‘Cornershop’ exhibition in 2014


A local, Richard only lives down the road in Hove and only really considered art as a career when his prints started to sell in Art Republic. Famous for his otherworldly illustrations of popular images, he takes the shape of an iconic piece of architecture and then fills it in re-imagining a whole other world of debauched chaos. We interviewed Richard and you can read about him and his work here.

richard Berner
A surreal representation of Brighton Pavillion from Richard Berner


Inspired by Banksy and originally from the north of England, Eelus is now firmly settled in Brighton. He is known for his giant murals and his dynamic screen prints. He was also responsible for helping to launch the community art project, Wide Open Walls in Gambia. We’ve loved Eelus’s work for a while and even included him in our list of the ‘Best Street Artists working in Britain today‘ high praise indeed!

eelus walthamstow
A current piece from Eelus which can be seen in Walthamstow in London


Now living in Bristol, Benjamin Thomas Taylor knows Brighton well having studied art here. His works are bright, fantastical and full of life. Makeshift imagined landscapes which blend into each other, he seeks to exude positivity in his work. Often overlaying his paintings with words and phrases his work will also have more of a passing nod to the paint by numbers kits of the past. We interviewed him recently for our Art Related Nonsense podcast series and you can listen to that here.

benjamin thomas taylor


Creator of the most delicate and beautiful portraits of animals and birds, she often puts a fantastical twist onto them and has really carved out her own style. We’ve met Louise a couple of times now, most recently live painting at the Whitecross Street Party in London. Her images and her style are delicate and captivating.

louise mcnaught
Louise McNaught live painting in the Curious Duke Gallery during the 2017 Whitecross Street Party.


Dan Hillier’s fantastical black and white portraits have become instantly recognisable. We even have one at home, it’s hard to describe though, it’s a picture of a moustached man with what seems to be a small forest growing out of his head with a black bird looking out. Hillier certainly does have quite an imagination and as a result his prints are popular. So popular in fact that his work was recently used to brand one of the seasons at the Globe Theatre.

Dan Hillier in his studio
Dan Hillier in his studio. Photograph by Benjamin Judd


Known for her senuous lip paintings, Sara Pope is an artist who has made a career by exploring the different shapes of the mouth. Full of personality, each set of lips she creates are first photographed by her. Drawing on her background in fashion and design she then creates an image which is both sleek and alluring.

Sara Pope
Sara Pope pictured in her studio in Brighton


I see Minty’s work all over the place especially in Brighton. His style is unmistakable and much of it is influenced by the work of  Roy Lichtenstein. You can see that in the pop art style imagery of his work. Originally from Detroit, Minty is now living in Brighton and has also recently started adding his brand of pop art paste ups to the walls of London which we love and have been seeing everywhere. You can see some of Minty’s posters and paste ups alongside a host of others here.

Minty Brighton
Pop Art style paste ups in Brighton from Minty


A pick from Katy Earley from Modern Mummy, one of the bloggers joining us at the event, was Jayson Lilley’s striking work. Here’s what she had to say, “I absolutely loved his urban landscapes, in particular ‘From Primrose Hill’ which is a view I know well and adore. Stirs up emotions for me – which is what art should do! love the mixed used of print, paint/ink and collage. The contrast of the finer detail against the large areas of simple block colour are really effective.”

from primrose hill jayson lilley
‘From Primrose Hill’ by Jayson Lilley


Another pick from Katy was Magnus Gjoen, himself a former designer for Vivienne Westwood, and I love her response “How had I not heard of him until last week! Love the fact he combines pop art and fine art – they work so well together. Quirky and clever – definite conversation starters! I loved “(It’s Not) The End”. Magnus had a number of pieces on show in the gallery and his striking skull images in particular were getting a lot of attention.

magnus gjoen
‘(It’s not) the end’ by Magnus Gjoen

Art Republic was visited on Tuesday 13 March 2018 alongside bloggers from Modern Mummy, Brighton Girl Mag, Lady Land and We Love Home Blog. The event was arranged by Blog Authentic and hosted in the Art Republic Gallery.

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