Lumiere Festival transforms the Leake Street Tunnel

The Lumiere Festival has returned to London following an initial hugely successful outing in 2016. This time though it’s expanded and gone into a variety of new locations around the city. This includes the legal graffiti spot of the Leake Street Tunnel in the Waterloo arches.

Featuring some additional fluorescent lighting and music to give the tunnel an otherworldly look and feel. The main feature of the display was three short films with three people in timelapse rapidly changing before our eyes. The films were projected onto the walls in various sections of the tunnel.

leake street lumiere festival
Projection on the wall and a different kind of lighting in the Leake Street Tunnel

We haven’t actually been there for a while. However the Leake Street Tunnel remains one of the go to places to see street art and graffiti in London. Painting is legal there and its central location means that artists can just rock up and paint. Even if they are just passing through.

It’s changing though…rapidly! The tunnel is intersected by a series of other service tunnels which lead underneath Waterloo station. It’s a massive warren under there. Though slowly but surely over the past few years, other tunnels and additional areas have found themselves getting developed in some way.

Leake Street Transformed

Now a swanky new entrance complete with shops has also been created introducing a new access point to the tunnel from the end of Westminster Bridge. It’s not open yet officially, but today visitors were able to have a good wander round. Goodness knows what this is going to mean for the tunnel’s character as clearly it is going to change significantly.

The other thing I noticed about the tunnel today was how clean it was. Rarely is Leake Street debris free but, it would appear that, thanks to Lumiere it’s been cleaned up, rubbish disposed off and swept. It’s been given a new lease of life compared to it’s normal grungy state that’s for sure.

leake street tunnel lumiere
Timelapse videos were projected onto the walls of the tunnel complete with sound and additional lighting

So of course we took photographs and despite the festival crowds there were also still people painting, this is Leake Street after all. The tunnel also looked pretty good with it’s new and albeit temporary lighting so always good to catch the place looking a bit different and of course no matter when you go there’ll always be some good art to see.

The Lumiere Festival runs at various locations in London including the Leake Street Tunnel from 18 January 2018 to 21 January 2018. It is the second iteration of the event with the first being held in 2016. The tunnel was visited and all photographs taken on 19 January 2018.

Lumiere Leake Street Gallery

leake street tunnel
The sign at the entrance to the tunnel originally by Banksy
Wonder woman art in the tunnel
leake street lumiere festival
Incredible Nychos piece in the tunnel with event security in front
leake street lumiere festival
Art on the roof illuminated by Lumiere lighting
A visitor walks past tunnel graffiti
The lighting gave an otherworldy feel
Piece from Olivier Roubeau slowly succumbing to graffiti
Art by Fane piece looking out over the event
leake street lumiere festival
Works from Fane, Marc Craig and Psychodoodlz
leake street lumiere festival
Donald Trump graffiti in the tunnel
leake street lumiere festival zabou olivier roubeau
Epic portrait of Zabou, still there from Olivier Robeau
leake street lumiere festival
Artists were still painting in the tunnel during the festival
Videos were projected onto the tunnel walls
The soon to be new entrance into the tunnel from the Westminster Bridge end
The newly refurbished entrance into Leake Street

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