Street art mural takes centre stage at the London Food Month Night Market

There’s not many more satisfying ways to spend a lazy Friday evening than pottering around Kensington Gardens, basking in some rare summers sun and hunting out street art.

Throw in some food and cocktails and it’s a pretty good way to pass the time especially as the mural we were seeking out was in the Night Market part of London Food Month with all sorts of food and drink on show from around the world. We’d been invited specially to go and check it out and needless to say it’s not the sort of invitation you turn down.

The mural itself formed part of the Bulleit Bourbon stand and featured works from some well known street artists including Inkie and Mr Cenz who alongside tattoo artist Rose Harley and  illustrator Robin Mackney were asked to produce something representative of London using only black markers.

mr cenz robin mackney

St Paul’s illustration from Robin Mackney next to work from Mr Cenz

Of course the end is a mixture of all the styles but for us it was pretty good to see the works from Inkie and Cenz using a medium other than spray and recognising that it doesn’t matter what these guys paint, their completely recognisable style remains intact. Cenz even threw in a few homages to legends of the east end and added little tags from Banksy, Stik, Pez and Invader as well as his own which was pretty cool.

Taking the viewer on a journey from the west to the east of the city Inkie and Cenz took either side whilst Mackney filled in the gaps with iconic buildings and Harley providing an abstract centrepiece running behind the Bulleit logo.

inkie rose harley

The mural in the Bulleit tent with work from Inkie, Robin Mackney and Rose Harley

And this wasn’t the only piece of street art on display either, opposite was a piece from Tom Blackford staring out from behind the Don Julio area with an image looking like it had been inspired by the Mexican day of the dead.  Not the most obvious place to find cool little pieces of street art in the middle of a food festival but glad we also managed to spot this one.

So have a look at the gallery below if you want to see more, the night market in Kensington Gardens runs until 18 June 2017 and is just one of a number of attractions around London celebrating London Food Month.

Mural Gallery


West side mural from Inkie

mr cenz

East side from Cenz


Cenz portrait in his identifiable style

rose harley, cenz, robin mackney

Cenz in the foreground with the Bulleit logo and work from Rose Harley

inkie robin mackney

Inkie with buildings from Robin Mackney and some of Rose’s abstract design coming through

robin mackney

Robin Mackney art

inkie rose harley

The mural in the Bulleit tent

inkie cenz robin mackney rose harley

The full mural

stik mr cenz

Little nod to Stik and the brick lane sign

banksy mr cenz

Nod to Banksy

pez mr cenz

Nod to Pez

tom blackford

Work from Tom Blackford in the Don Julia area

tom blackford

Mexican inspired work from Tom Blackford