Brockley street art festival brings urban art back to South London

The third Brockley street art festival has seen street artists return to paint the walls of the South London borough.

Taking place over a week the festival ties in with the popular arts festival Brockley Max and brings a bit of extra life into the walls of the area which spans from Brockley towards Honor Oak .

Hopping off the overground at Brockley station some of the latest work mingles with pieces produced by street artists in previous festivals.  The famous Bob Marley mural created by Dale Grimshaw in 2015 is still going strong and mixes with the latest creation from Artmongers, a giant coat hanger hanging from the side of a house.

keoone brockley

New Koeone piece under the railway bridge on St Norbert Road

Amongst the artists taking part this year are locals from the area with a smattering of talent coming in from outside. The likes of Artmongers, Attai, Mr Doodle and Artista are joined by the likes of Survival Techniques, Pangea Arts and Koeone.  Together their works are meant to decorate walls from around the district although they are a little spread out so best to bring some good walking shoes.

Due to the length of the festival which takes place over a week, the full array of artworks weren’t in place by the time we visited but a good proportion were and, whilst pottering around on a Sunday afternoon, we even bumped into one of the artist, Naomi Edmondson from Survival Techniques.

survival techniques brockley

Naomi Edmondson paints one of her survival techniques

Her work in progress on the corner of Honor Oak Park and Stondon Park roads was a typographical piece called ‘Love more, tell more’.  It’s one of her series of ‘Survival Techniques‘ which, in this case, reminds people to be a bit better at loving and a bit better in terms of telling people about it. It’s a nice sentiment and part of Naomi’s campaign to place some of these survival techniques for people to see around the city.

Other new pieces spotted included the previously mentioned coathanger from Artmongers, a suitably fun and colourful mural from Artista on Rosie’s Florists in Crofton Park and a tremendous piece from Koeone under the railway bridge on St Norbert Road.

So the Brockley street art festival continues into its third year and keeps its proud place alongside other south london locations such as Dulwich, Penge and Croydon in terms of embracing street art as a means of enhancing its urban spaces. It’s a nice little trend in this part of town.

The Brockley street art festival was visited on Sunday 4 June 2017 and all photographs were taken then. Inspiring City has visited Brockley before and you can read about the first ever Brockley festival here.

Brockley Street Art Gallery

artmongers brockley

Artmongers coat hanger on the side of the Pantry on Coulgate Street

dale grimshaw brockley

Dale Grimshaw piece from 2015 just outside Brockley train station

artmongers lionel stanhope brockley

Works from Artmongers and Lionel Stanhope just outside the railway station

brockley disk

Lovely work from Disk on a shutter near the station

artista brockley

Signature toast piece from Artista on Coulgate Street

artista brockley

Artista toast

attai brockley

Attai piece from 2016 on Geoffrey Road

louis masia brockley

Louis Masi piece from 2015 still there on Brockley Cross

keoone brockley

Koeone new piece underneath the railway bridge on St Norbert Road

insa brockley

Insa piece from 2015 on St Norbert Road

insa brockley

Detail of Insa’s 2015 work

artista brockley

New piece from Artista on the top of Rosies Florists

artista brockley

Not easy to get a good shot of the new Artista but this will do

brockley lionel stanhope

New piece from Lionel Stanhope

neonita brockley

Neonita work on a shutter on Honor Oak Park

maxi priest brockley

pangea arts brockley

New piece from Pangea Arts on Honor Oak Park

survival techniques brockley

‘Tell Them’ part of ‘Love Them, Tell Them’ from Survival Techniques

survival techniques brockley

Naomi Edmondson from Survival Tecniques painting on the corner of Honor Oak Park and Stondon Park