Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo brings his Spaces of Hope to London

The latest immersive show from the Howard Griffin Gallery has brought Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo back to the UK for their most immersive exhibition yet.

Set within Ambika P3, a giant 14000 ft hanger formerly used as a construction hall for the University of Westminster, Ghadyanloo’s work is given an epic backdrop on which to exhibit his work, a mixture of canvas, etching and sculpture.

mehdi ghadyanloo
Dystopian Towers

At the centerpiece of the cavernous space a sculptural installation hangs down from the roof, the first time Ghadyanloo’s work has found itself truly occupying the world of the 3D. It is normally his paintings which serve to give the illusion of dimension but with this ambitious and striking hanging sculpture he has taken this concept to its natural next level.

Ghadyanloo’s work stems from his experiences growing up in Iran at a a time of conflict during the Iran Iraq war, a time marked by severe conditions resulted from war and sanctions.  His work plays a lot with space and the concept of space using shading and geometry to conjour up dystopian landscapes.  According to the literature from the show “the palpable silence of his landscapes implies an anxiety which cannot be spoke out loud; an airless vaccum that swallows matter and collapses time.”

mehdi ghadyanloo
Mehdi Ghadyanloo

As one is now used to at events held by the Howard Griffin Gallery, the space despite it’s size was packed.  The queues to get good views of the art only surpassed by the continually lengthy lines for the free cocktail bar.  We’ve covered a number of the shows from the gallery over the years with exhibitions from Thierry Noir, John Dolan, RUN and Phlegm all having gone some way to lighting up the pages of this blog.

The work really needs to be seen up close and in person to truly appreciate these works.  A single cloud hanging over a barren landscape, empty tower blocks displaced into an empty waste and figures huddling together walking towards lights emanating from a unknown source give a flavour for the type of work on display.  These are the ‘Spaces of Hope’ from the show, spaces which might give a sombre worldview but spaces which nonetheless convey feelings of hope and the possibility for a better future.

Spaces of Hope the immersive show from Iranian artist Mehdi Ghadyanloo is showing at the Ambika P3 exhibition space, 35 Marylebone Road, London, NW1 5LS from 3 March 2017 to 5 March 2017.  The nearest tube station is Baker Street which is just over the road.  The show was visited on 2 March 2017.

Spaces of Hope Gallery

mehdi ghadyanloo
The hanging centerpiece sculpture

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  1. Mehdi Ghadyanloo had the exhibition “Perception” at the Howard Griffin Gallery, Shoreditch in February 2015. I was very impressed by the artwork from the man from Tehran. He also painted a few walls around that area in his illusion style. I remember buying a limited “Perception” Monograph signed book by him on my visit to the gallery. I could not make it to this exhibition sorry to say, but really pleased to see your photos and comments on his work.. Thoughts turn to will we see any more of his artwork on the streets of London?

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