Street Art duo Clandestinos paint shipping containers on the Haggerston Riviera

Shipping containers on the Regents Canal in Haggerston have received a makeover courtesy of art duo Clandestinos.  The riviera as it is known to the locals is just a short walk from Haggerston overground station down the Kingsland Road.

Recently showcasing at Dalston’s BSMT space gallery, the duo comprising of Brazilian artist Bruno Smoky and Chilean-Canadian Shalak Attack took time out from the show to paint the containers and create some pretty impressive murals.

Containers by Clandestinos on the Haggerston Riviera

Also in the area work from Zabou and Caratoes can be seen and with the containers the riviera has become a nice little spot to see street art.  Sadly it’s not totally straight-forward to get up close positioned as they are within a gated compound so for the best views it’s best to walk down the canal to view from across the water.

The containers are only the latest piece of work with both artists having dedicated their lives to creating art in urban spaces.  Bruno began painting walls in Sao Paulo 2004 and has since gained professional recognition whilst journeying across South America, North America, the Dominican Republic, Sweden and Canada. He has taught art and the history of graffiti and is passionate about the importance of art as a form of expression to youth in communities which are at risk.

clandestinos anthea missy
Container and a barge painted with art from Anthea Missy

Shalak Attack meanwhile is a Canadian-Chilean visual artist who for for over a decade she has amassed a body of work which has taken her around the globe.  Shalak’s work is culturally charged and deeply rooted in South American mural tradition, she transforms forgotten and derelict urban spaces into dreamscapes with vibrant colours and vivid imagery.

So that’s Clandestinos, sadly the show at BSMT Space has now finished but the containers should be there for a while so get down to the Haggerston Riviera and take a look when you get the chance.

The containers were visited and photographed on Sunday 15 May 2016.  Their show ‘In the Raw’ recently exhibited at BSMT Space in Dalston.

Haggerston Riviera Gallery

Container in the riviera by Clandestinos
The containers are a welcome addition to the canal side
Caratoes work on the building overlooking the canal
Work from Zabou on the riviera
caratoes zabou
Caratoes and Zabou art
haggerston riviera
Looking from the bridge over the Regents Canal towards the containers



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