The Doodle Man Doodles on Walls around Shoreditch

The Doodle Man has been doodling, and doodling and, well, doodling.  Most recently he’s been spending the best part of five days scribbling across the walls of a makeshift underpass. It was a tunnel formed by some builders hoardings on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch.

He’s been busy, also completing another piece a little bit further down on Curtain Road.  His black and white doodles feature characters and shapes. Alongside anything else to come to mind. They’ve been an intriguing addition to the street art scene in the area.

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The Doodle Man

Doodle Man in Shoreditch

An illustration graduate, the Doodle Man, also known as Sam Cox, will also soon be hosting a solo show at the Hoxton Gallery on Old Street.  A sneak view inside and it looks like the doodling isn’t just confined to the streets. He’s covered the walls of the gallery too.

His works have also proved popular with photographers and hipsters wanting a cool backdrop on which to pose.  The doodles that he’s been creating on the streets of Shoreditch have been fairly epic so the scale is there to create an impressive mass mural.

the doodle man
The Doodle Mans epic creation on Great Eastern Street

Graffiti Spaghetti

According to his website the Doodle Man’s doodles have been driven by his Obsessive Compulsive Disorder.  “His work consumes walls, furniture and many surfaces, almost like a virus and is often described as ‘graffiti spaghetti’.  This is because his clusters of characters, objects and patterns group together in a formation that appears to continue to grow relentlessly.”

So it looks like the Doodle Man is going to continue to doodle and who knows what he’ll come up with next.  His show at the Hoxton Gallery is called ‘Attention Seeker‘ and it certainly looks like he’s trying to do just that, it’s hard not to notice.

The Doodle Man was photographed on Saturday 6 February on Great Eastern Street in Shoreditch.  His show, Attention Seeker, will open at the Hoxton Gallery on Old Street on Wednesday 17 February from 6pm.

Mr Doodle Gallery

the doodle man
Entrance the hoardings on Great Eastern Street, every inch of which has been covered in doodles
the doodle man
Doodles on his clothes and backpack, the Doodle Man really blends in
the doodle man
Mass roof doodle
the doodle man
Some of the doodle detail
the doodle man
Graffiti Spagetti


  1. Well done Stuart for getting this feature on the Doodle man printed 3 days before the Metro featured it in there “To Do List” printed on the 17th February…

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