Elle and Marina Zumi visit London and leave some street art to remember

So it’s often the case, you leave the house with the intention to do one thing and then circumstances take over and you go in a whole different direction.

For me today was going to be about an entirely different topic but I should have known better.  The Saatchi Galleries XX: A Moment in Time show has brought some of the World’s best female street art talent to the city so I suppose it was obvious that a number of them would be out and about.  In particular today American artist Elle and Argentina’s Marina Zumi were out in force.

WP_20160206_16_14_12_Pro (3)
Elle on a post piece high


Elle, from Brooklyn in New York has a style which seems to combine graffiti with street art.  She places tags all around her work yet in the centre a striking portrait stares out at you.  Painting on Buxton Street just off Brick Lane, she proved to be a popular draw and the photographers were out in force.  She’d already completed a couple of pieces, in the Saatchi Gallery as part of the show and on Hanbury Street earlier in the week.  You can see the Hanbury Street piece by checking out her instagram feed.

Marina Zumi from Argentina is inspired by Buddhist philosophy, nature and the cosmos.  You can see it in her serene yet surreal landscapes.  Today’s piece was on the hoardings of Great Eastern Street, a prime location given it’s overlooking of the busy road.  She also added a wall piece to the Saatchi show and has already painted in Camden as part of a collaboration with Alice Pasquini and London’s own Himbad.  You can see that piece on Zumi’s instagram feed here.  We seem to get on well with Argentinian artists having extensively featured the likes of Fio Silva and Martin Ron in the past.  There’s a pretty exciting scene over there.

WP_20160206_16_51_56_Pro (3)
Marina Zumi

Of course we took lots of photos and it’s always good to see top international talent coming to London and in particular to the East End.  So have a look at the gallery below or get down to Buxton Street and Great Eastern Street to try and catch them yourself, they might not last long.

The XX: A Moment in time show is running at the Saatchi until 6 March 2016 so try and catch their work there.  The murals were painted and visited on Saturday 6 February 2016.

Elle Gallery 

WP_20160206_16_14_42_Pro (2)
The work on Buxton Street
WP_20160206_15_59_04_Pro (2)
Elle applying the finishing touches
WP_20160206_16_09_38_Pro (2)
Seen through the ladder


Marina Zumi Gallery

WP_20160206_16_51_48_Pro (2)
Marina Zumi
WP_20160206_17_06_33_Pro (2)
Painting into the night on the busy Great Eastern Street
WP_20160206_17_14_10_Pro (2)
Marina about to finish for the day
WP_20160206_16_41_21_Pro (2)
Colourful outfit and a colourful wall
WP_20160206_16_34_26_Pro (2)
The almost finished landscape
marina zumi
Marina Zumi finished piece on Great Eastern Street



  1. Some really nice photos there Stuart.. It’s been a flying start for street art in London so far this year… Good to see you capturing so much of it!

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