Street artist Furia Ack paints giant portrait of Donald Trump and then provides eggs for passers by to throw at it

Street artist Furia Ack, well known for his black and white portraits on the streets of London took his art to a whole new interactive level by painting a portrait of Donald Trump just so passers by could throw eggs at it.

Clearly not a fan of the current front runner in the race to be the Republican nominee for the next Presidential election, it added an extra dimension to the portrait even it was just runny yolk and egg shell.

The Donald Trump portrait on Leonard Street in Shoreditch

It also helped prove to be an entertaining interlude for fellow street artists painting around the corner on Blackall Street as part of the ‘London Calling is One‘ paint jam which we covered on Inspiring City last week.  It certainly didn’t take much to persuade the assembled gaggle of street artists to join in the pelting festivities and of course it was recorded for posterity.

The piece entitled ‘Democracy – When even and idiot has a say’ has of course been a hit on social media and continues the campaigning street art which the Portuguese artist Furia Ack has become known for.

Previous works on the street have focused on drawing attention to the plight of political activists who have often found themselves on the wrong side of their own governments and suffered accordingly.  Painting the portrait on the street, it is up to the interested passer by to learn more about it by searching the name of the activist online.

Remnants of runny yolk and egg shell

A rare campaigning artist, Furia is a man with something to say and although the whole egg pelting thing was undoubtedly a bit of fun the key message of course remains.   That is that should this character get his hands on the keys to the White House then what he has the potential to do is a whole bunch worse than throwing eggs at a wall.

The Donald trump egg pelting portrait was drawn and photographed on Sunday 24 January 2016 and can be currently found on Leonard Street in Shoreditch.  For more information about Furia Ack follow him on his facebook page.  We also featured Furia last year as part of a guest blog from the popular ‘Looking for Heroes‘ instagram site and you can see that post here.

Democracy – When even an idiot has a say


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