Zina Paints Luminous Mural in Shoreditch

Norway’s London based artist Zina is certainly one of the East End’s most prolific street artists. Her distinctive blue hued portraits are difficult to miss. Especially when painted in large scale and combined with her undoubted skill as a photo realist. A regular at street art festivals and a favourite with commissioners. Zina is also probably one of the most bankable street artists around.

It was no suprise therefore that, whilst leading a street art tour with a bunch of excitable German school kids we caught her hard at work. Zina was busy working on a giant blue luminous mural on the side of the Village Underground on Great Eastern Street.

Zina's luminous mural with assistance from Amara Por Dios glowing on a Shoreditch night
Zina’s mural with assistance from Amara Por Dios glowing on a Shoreditch night

Luminous Street Art by Zina

That mural was part of a series advertising the Sony Experia phone. It was organised with the help of Global Street Art. Then painted with special luminous paint so that when the night came and the lights came on, it would literally glow.

Helping her was Swedish artist Amara Por Dios. Herself a London local and another staple of the street art scene. The two have worked together a number of times. Most notably last year when Amara painted the giant wall around the corner. At that point it was Zina who rocked up to help.

Zina relaxing after the completion of her luminous mural
Zina relaxing after the completion of the mural

Mural for Sony Experia

Painted over a couple of days the duo were a popular attraction. A crowd were there checking on the progress. Not least with the kids we took on the tour. A whole bunch of photographers from Sony were also present. They also wanted to capture the whole thing from beginning to end.

The big reveal was well into the night. It was courtesy of two specially installed lights on the roof of the gallery space. Once turned on the whole piece of work took on an entirely new quality. It started to make some sense of Sony’s ‘#ican see in the dark‘ promotion.

The spot is a popular location with all sorts of things going on and the Shoreditch Art Wall literally opposite. Pop along at most times of the week and it wouldn’t be that unusual to see some artists working away on either side with Zina’s blue hued spectacular just the latest in a long line of artist activity in an exciting area of the city.

Inspiring City bumped into Zina and Amara Por Dios as they painted the mural on 22 July 2015. The mural was painted as part of Sony’s #ican see in the dark campaign and was arranged with support from Global Street Art.

Zina Glow in the Dark Gallery

One of the faces of the Sony Experia campaign, Zina. This was just after she had painted her luminous mural
One of the faces of Sony’s campaign
Luminous hand painting
Luminous hand painting
Photographers capturing the event
Photographers capturing the event
The luminous mural by Zina in the daytime
The mural in the day
Obligatory playing around with the colours picture
Obligatory playing around with the colours picture
The work was popular with photographers
Popular with photographers
Zina with phone by the final work
Zina with phone by the final work

Stop Motion Video from Dpict Media of one of Zina’s previous works

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  1. Fascinating piece Stuart. That’s the 2nd glow in the dark work. The other being by DK in Old Street. I suspect that is part of the same campaign. I’ve yet to see both at night but hoping too soon.

    1. Hey yes you’re right it is part of the same campaign. I haven’t seen it yet which is crazy as I don’t work too far away I should try and get over today 😉

      1. Finally got to Shoreditch for the first time in two months and it was gone. Not surprising, but I think I just missed it to a fresh new advert for the Krays film. Ditto a piece on Hanbury Street which also advertises the film but it is the largest piece I have seen by street artist Don. And I’ve missed two Village Underground walls, but something new was being painted…looked like perhaps it was going to also be the glow-in-the-dark paints? Sometimes the walls on Hanbury Street and Village Underground don’t change that often but they in the past couple of months.

  2. I was there tonight, Thurs 13th but I didn’t see any glow effect. Does it only work if light is turned on it? Same experience at the DK wall near Old St too. Bit disappointed if it needs special light to work.

    1. It should just need normal lights shined onto it. There were some installed at the top of the building which shone down, I didn’t look to see if they were still there though when I went last

      1. Thanks. There are lights above and behind the wall. But I think they need to be shone onto it for better results. Re: DK wall in Clerkenwell, I’ve discovered they turned it off after 22 July. Still, all the work is amazing and that’s what really matters.

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