Roy’s People brings to life his ‘Little Heroes’ as he prepares for his next solo show at the Curious Duke Gallery

Roy is back and this time his little people have taken on a new dimension with the ‘Little Heroes’ due to take over the Curious Duke Gallery from the show launch on Thursday 16 April 2015.

His previous show sold out at the gallery and his little folk have proved a hit with the public. We’ve watched his progress quite a bit here on Inspiring City and have covered his previous shows including ‘Street Life‘ at the same gallery and at the Timberyard with Sam Peacock in Covent Garden. We also spent the evening with him whilst he worked with the Big Issue on their ‘Little Man Hunt‘ campaign.

Roys new show 'Little Heroes' will be his second at the gallery

Roys new show ‘Little Heroes’ will be his second at the gallery

Little Heroes is packed with Roy’s People whimsical humour. Little people sheltering under bottle caps whilst others are being squashed underneath some ‘killer heels’. Taking the name of the show at face value, Roy has also created a series of works featuring popular superheroes including Batman, Thor and Catwoman.

For Roy, the upcoming show is mainly about development, “I’ve become known for the box frame installations, and I have focused a lot on creating a whole new series ‘We Are Heroes’ which will take over from my ‘Life’ series.” says Roy. “So the show is based around the launch of this new series. Development wise, I’m keen to show people that I have added a lot more to my work, like the use of stencils.”

'Little Heroes' plays on the idea that there is a hero inside each of us

‘Little Heroes’ plays on the idea that there is a hero inside each of us

Evolution is important for Roy and he is eager for people to see it, “I don’t want to just be the guy that takes photos of little people” he tells me. Although in saying that those images remain hugely popular. “Alongside my humorous pieces, I am introducing political pieces, new mediums like stencil work on paper, creating miniature stencils instead of sculptures. I work with a lot of different ideas in the studio.”

‘Little Heroes’ represents the second studio show for the artist. A show he says which is 8 times bigger than his first. “Having the space has allowed me to explore, develop, experiment”, a bigger studio has allowed him to play with around a lot more with scale, which in his line of work is an advantage. “It is a mess, and I love it that way. I have props, figures, stencils, paint, frames, sculptures, tools, even remote control helicopters everywhere.”

We’ve seen a sneak preview and it looks like it’s going to be a fun show. Roys People is an artist who keeps evolving so it’s going to be interesting to see how he keeps advancing and we’ll be sure to follow what he’s up to.

‘Little Heroes’ is the second solo show from Roy’s People and will exhibit at the Curious Duke Gallery from 19 April 2015 to 10 May 2015. He was interviewed over email on 1 April 2015. Roy’s People will be hiding around the Hoxton, Shoreditch and Brick Lane area on 23 April 2015.

Roy’s People ‘Little Heroes’ Gallery

Hulk and Superman installation

Hulk and Superman installation

Recyclapool will be available as a series of prints and installations

Recyclapool will be available as a series of prints and installations

'Lager Top London'

‘Lager Top London’

Killer Heels

Killer Heels

As a prelude to the show, Roys 'Little Heroes' will also be hidden around London

As a prelude to the show, Roys ‘Little Heroes’ will also be hidden around London