South African Street Artist Faith 47 paints Mural Series in London

South African street artist Faith 47 has returned to London and once again created a series of spectactular murals.

Her art is dynamic, impactful and manages to blend in with the surroundings effortlessly. In this new series of street work, heavy brush strokes form the the body whilst piercing detail is added to the all important features. Her stalking lions in particular manage to cast a prowling eye over passers by, stalking their prey in the modern day concrete jungle. She has titled her work on the gates of the brewery as ‘The Strong and the Weak’.

London Murals

As an artist Faith47 has painted all over the world, her visit to London last year produced murals at the Truman Brewery just off Brick Lane and on Leonard Street in Shoreditch. The latter, a story high image of what appears to be a nun holding a dying swan, is still there and is a beautifully atmospheric piece of work that manages to entrance immediately. It confirmed her reputation even then as a major talent gracing the walls of the East End.

Now in addition to her stalking Lions, one on Brick Lane and the other on one of the gates to the Truman Brewery, she has added a haunting image of a captured unicorn to the side of an old warehouse building in Hackney Wick. Just across the water from the Old Ford Lock on the Fish Island side she has titled the piece ‘The Solar Logos’. The unicorn is strong, seemingly fighting for it’s freedom as it tries to escape the snares to which it has been tethered. It’s clear that here we have a proud creature, her image is a powerful one, I get the impression that capturing the beast is one thing but breaking it’s spirit will be something else entirely.

So for this post I thought I’d try and capture all the art of this great artist in just the one place, the street art of Faith 47 in London.

Unicorn – Hackney Wick

faith 47
The Solar Logos mural in Hackney Wick

faith 47
Unicorn by Faith47
faith 47
Unicorn Faith47
faith 47
Faith47 Mural

faith 47
Stalking Lion by Faith47
faith 47
The Strong and the Weak Mural by Fatih47

faith 47
Lion on Hanbury Street

Lion on Brick Lane

faith 47
Lion by Faith47 on Brick Lane
Faith 47
Prowling Lion on Brick Lane by Faith47

Swan on Leonard Street

faith 47
Murals by RUN and Faith47 on Leonard Street
faith 47
Murals on Leonard Street
faith 47
Faith47 mural on the old warehouse on Leonard Street
faith 47
Woman with a dying swan on Leonard Street

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  1. And to add. Your directions re: the unicorn are spot on. But with my poor sense of direction and taking a wrong turn, it took a little longer to trace. But I had great fun asking people if they had seen a unicorn. And then to finally see the painting was rewarding too. I’d never have seen it for myself otherwise. So thanks for the info.

    1. Hi Tanya I’m glad you got to see it. To be fair the unicorn isn’t in the easiest place but once you get there it really is pretty cool. Nice area that at the weekend too it’s beginning to get a real vibe about the place 😀

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