Mag Magrela Street Art in London

A number of distinctive murals from Brazilian artist Mag Magrela have appeared at various locations around London. Brought over by creative agency Pigment I was fortunate enough to meet her briefly just before she returned to her native Brazil.

Magrela has produced four different murals each bearing her unique style. She draws orange coloured women who often appear to be in some distress. One of the murals shows a woman wearing a crown of thorns. Another shows a woman sat atop a multi-eyed creature seemingly having fallen victim to an attack by arrows. Her style is not easy to describe, each piece is clearly unique with different details. According to the Pigment site, “her works express pain, suffering, the troubles of living in society. Little daily barriers and feelings encrusted in our soul”. It is deep stuff and the product no doubt of a complex mind.

Magrela is one of a wave of Brazilian artists to have visited London over recent months. Magrela joins the likes of Alex Senna, Cranio and Mateus Bailon creating a series of impressive murals in London. With Shoreditch in particular recognised worldwide as one of the premier places to showcase street art. It is great to see the cream of Brazilian talent starting to really stamp their mark on the place.

The Red Market in Shoreditch

Seven Sisters Road in Finsbury Park

Bream Street on Fish Island

Scouler Street in Blackwall

For more information about the work of Magrela and Brazilian Art in London try:


  1. Thanks for writing about new up and coming artists. I really enjoy your blog is definitely good for those in the know. Where do you get your material from? How did you get into this scene?

    1. Hi Drake, thanks for your comments I really appreciate that :). I usually find out what’s going on by following Facebook, instagram and twitter feeds. If there’s something that I like the sound or look of then I’ll rock up and take a few snaps and then research the artist if I really like their work. I got into the scene just by moving into the east end and loving the street art all around me, quite inspiring to see the talent on display really, hence inspiring city :).

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