Crazy wall warehouse on Sclater Street

Anyone walking down Sclater Street in Shoreditch will have noticed the old warehouse there with the huge ‘Mighty Mo’ monkey on the side overlooking the market.  The warehouse has, to be fair, seen better days and is in a fairly poor state.  Ideal in fact for street art and as such the side of the building facing Sclater Street is a total canvas and great for spotting something new.   Sweet Toof has been there and his trademark pink gums and white teeth can be seen high on the building and Pez is there too with one of his trademark fish.  The piece I’ve been most taken with though is something I haven’t seen before, a painting of a man with a shocked pose staring through some bars of an old door.  This same portrait of a man can also be seen on Fashion street just by the Boris bike docking station (I’ll post that at some point).  I also suspect that the same artist has produced the recent work on Hanbury Street, I blogged about here.  The style seems to be the same, black and white painting on a background of a recycled sign, very interesting.  If anyone knows who it is please let me know.

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