A Journey around the Queer City of Soho, its clubs and its culture

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A huge line of Dominoes snakes through London and then gets knocked down as part of the London’s Burning festival

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Giant wooden replica of old London burns on the Thames to commemorate Great Fire of London

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Buildings which survived the Great Fire of London and where to find them

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A Curious Route Walking Tour around Whitecross Street and the Barbican

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Tribute to a Fallen Soldier as Poppies spectacularly flood the Tower of London on the Centenary of World War One

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Sketching Skyscrapers at One New Change as Part of the Open City Archikids Festival

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The Lost Abbeys and Priories of London Part 2 Crutched Friars, Holy Trinity Priory, St Helens Priory and Austin Friars

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The Lost Abbeys and Priories of the City of London Part 1 – From the Tower to Bedlam and Beyond

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The Chewing Gum Man Paints a Trail of 400 Mini-Artworks on the Millenium Bridge

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