Mark Vessey the Photographer Bringing Collections to Life

Mark Vessey is an artist who has made his name photographing collections! Often filled with nostalgia, he tends to print … More

Alexandra Gallagher Shows us around the Street Art of Blackburn

We are back in Blackburn! The northern former mill town which this year celebrated it’s third Open Walls festival. It’s … More

Joseph Loughborough talks about his latest exhibition ‘Of Rust’ in Brighton

Joseph Loughborough is, he says, an artist who is influenced by the human form and condition. It’s something you can sense … More

Dscreet – An Interview with the Graffiti Artist Painting Owls on London’s Streets

You might have seen them dotted around the streets of London. Owls peering out from the walls. They are caricatures … More

Skeleton Cardboard – An Interview with the artist putting Skeletons on the Street

I always think of the old Ronseal advert when I think of Skeleton Cardboard! Except it’s not a case of … More

Head Above Water Sculpture installed on the Thames to Provoke Conversation about Mental Health

A giant 9 metre high wooden head has been installed on a pier looking out from the South Bank and … More

Andy Dice Davies an Interview with the Founder of the Cheltenham Paint Festival

We are outside the Brewery! Around us artists are packing up after two days worth of non stop painting. Behind … More

Jayson Lilley an interview with the Artist creating Golden Views of London

“I call it best view” says Jayson Lilley when I ask him about the giant two metre long print resting … More

Louise McNaught an interview with the fine artist painting the natural world

“I wanted to do a big blue bee” says Louise. “I’ve done one quite small, but then I’m not sure … More

Magnus Gjoen, an interview with the fashion designer turned artist

Fashion designer turned artist Magnus Gjoen is known for his use of historical images and differing mediums. Often seen breathing … More

Benjamin Murphy Interview at his solo exhibition in London

.It’s a roasting hot day in the city of London and the team at the Delphian Gallery have just finished … More

Interview with Lawrence Alkin the CEO of the artrepublic Gallery in Brighton

Lawrence Alkin has been a key influencer in the development of the urban art movement that we know today. The … More

Interview with Aches, the Irish Artist whose Mural of Savita Halappanavar became the Image of Yes in the Irish Referendum

The referendum to overturn the 8th amendment to the Irish constitution made headlines around the World. Not least because of … More

An interview with Mr Cenz as he paints in the Shard

We’ve gotten used to seeing the work of Mr Cenz on the streets of London. His work is bright and … More

We Meet Sam Peacock in Hastings to talk about his new body of work ‘Of The Land’

I suppose I should have known better! A trip to the seaside sounded appealing and what’s not to like about … More

We meet Anna Jaxe the stencil artist with a passion for music

“I think a lot of instruments are just artworks in their own right because they are just so amazing to … More

Interview with Jerome Davenport the Australian street artist painting a giant Suffragette Mural in London

We’ve been hanging out with Jerome Davenport a fair bit recently! Mainly on account of his recent painting of a … More

A Wander around the Felt Cave, Lucy Sparrow’s Felt Making Studio

So last month we caught up with Lucy Sparrow and you might have read our latest interview with her here. … More

We meet Richard Berner the Illustrator with a Surreal View of the World

It was a while ago when we last met in LondonĀ and Richard and I had been promising a get together … More

Artist David Bray talks about his new series of Landscape Paintings

We’ve always known David Bray as an illustrator! His delicate drawings are such that his style is instantly recognisable. Now … More

Interview with Joachim the Belgian Artist who was Born to Paint

For once Brick Lane and the Truman Brewery are quiet! There’s an otherworldly feel to the place on account of … More

Interview with Illustrator Tom Berry prior to his latest exhibition in Deptford

The new series of works from illustrator Tom Berry is about looking at the mundane activities of daily life and … More

Lucy Sparrow the Felt Artist taking the Art World by Storm

Lucy Sparrow and I are sitting in the felt cave! On the inside a comfy cavern full of felt shaped … More

Interview with Decolife as he prepares for his first solo exhibition in London

We first met Andre Deco in 2013 when he first came to London. Originally from Sao Paulo in Brazil he … More

30 Hidden Secrets of Carrie Reichardt’s extraordinary mosaic house in Chiswick

Carrie Reichardt’s mosaic house, nestled on a suburban road in Chiswick, is quite a sight! Colourful, detailed and impactful it … More