Karen Francesca, the Craftivist Artist Guerilla Gardening on the Streets of Aberdeen

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30 Hidden Secrets of Carrie Reichardt’s extraordinary mosaic house in Chiswick

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We meet AK the artist from New Zealand having her first solo exhibition in London

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Interview with Alexander Chappell as he talks about his debut show at the Stolen Space Gallery

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Fan Making and Street Art combine at the Fan Museum in Greenwich

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Interview with artist DD Regalo as he prepares to showcase at the Roys People Art Fair

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Meet Robert Burt the founder of Base Elements gallery in Barcelona

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Carrie Reichardt’s West London house is covered from head to foot in mosaic by artists from around the World

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Andrea Tyrimos creates ‘Bipolar Picasso’ a new show to raise awareness of Mental Health

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Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong combine to create some compulsive beauty in Greenwich

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Lucy Sparrow creates Madame Roxy’s Erotic Emporium and suprises Soho with felt filled sex toys

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Interview with Hannah Adamaszek prior to her latest exhibition at the Curious Duke Gallery

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Interview with Artist John McCarthy as he Crumples Paper, Paints Portraits and Prepares for his next show

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Lucy Sparrow prepares to fit out her Cornershop which launches in Bethnal Green on 1st August 2014

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