Six Degrees of Art

Six Degrees of Art is an experimental project for us here on Inspiring City. Starting in January 2018 the idea is to only interview artists who recommend each other… for this series at least. We’ll still be interviewing and featuring many other artists but for the six degrees theme it’s about being led by the artist and then using their recommendations to go on and learn about others.

Six Degrees of Art… the Journey so Far

Frankie Strand – UK

The first artist we interviewed in this series was Frankie Strand, the London based illustrator and street artist who paints colourful animals and birds on the walls and canals of London. We’d been wanting to interview her for a while having met her a number of times at various street art related events. So as the start of the project we have Frankie and her interview which can be seen by clicking on the image below.

frankie strand
Frankie Strand is the first artist to be interviewed

HNRX – Austria

Frankie recommended HNRX, the Austrian artist who had spent a good period of time in London over the previous year. Many of his walls are still around for people to see and he was highly prolific in his time here, collaborating with a number of people including with Frankie Strand. Being based outside the UK we ended up catching up with HNRX over facebook messenger whilst he was on a job in Valencia, painting a wall.

frankie strand hnrx petticoat lane
Frankie Strand and HNRX had collaborated on this piece whilst he was in town

Joachim – Belgium

HNRX recommended Joachim, the Belgian street artist normally based in Antwerp. They had painted a number of times together and had become good friends. Luckily for us, Joachim was due to have his first solo exhibition in London on 1st March 2018. It meant that we were able to meet him and find out about his work and this art.

Joachim by the centrepiece of his Born to Paint exhibition in London. A decorated pink mini cooper covered with his trademark skulls


Who did Joachim recommend…. ? We’ll keep this page updated when we get the interview…