Inspiring City in other Publications

Inspiring City has been featured in a number of publications over the years. Some of our favourite bloggers have kindly written about us. We’ve also been referenced, quoted and cited by many other publications.

Here is a selection of some of our favourite articles and publications featuring the Inspiring City Blog.

Dutch Girl in London

In around 2014 I first met Zarina, the founder of Dutch Girl in London. Her blog is captivating. Always writing with passion and interest, she covers such a variety of topics. We of course share a shared passion for street art. It was an honour therefore when she included us in her ‘3 Street Art Bloggers you should follow’ piece.

Blocal Blog

Giulia is one of the foremost street art bloggers around. She’s also a great festival buddy. We’ve traveled and we’ve written together. Whilst in Aberdeen together during 2019 she interviewed me. And what a great interview it is.

Jenikya’s Blog

Jenn is a lifestyle blogger. Her website features articles on art and culture as well as the little pleasures in life. During the lockdown caused by Covid-19 she interviewed me. Always passionate about street art then if she can’t get out to see it, the next best thing is to talk about it.


Vuelio is the premier blogging rankings site and Inspiring City has been in their top 10 UK Art Blogs for the past 4 years. When we first made the list, the team interviewed me to find out a bit more about the blog.


Working with the travel agency Ebookers I visited the city of Barcelona. Creating a series of posts it was part of a series called ‘My Barcelona’. A range of bloggers were involved from different niches. Each visiting and writing about the city from their own perspectives.

Inspiring City in Print

Street Art, Fine Art

Organised by the late Ingrid Beazley. This book was the product of an ambitious project to turn Dulwich into a street art hub. It’s a legacy which exists to this day. I wrote one of the forewords to the book. The article was called ‘The Evolution of Art‘. You can buy the book here.

Cash is King 2: Money Talks

The second part of the Cash is King series form Carrie Reichardt and Bob Osborne. The book featured a quote from Inspiring City on the inside dust jacket. We had written about and supported the first edition which is where the quote came from.

Lucy Sparrows Felt World

We’ve followed the work of Lucy Sparrow for some time. Featuring her work many times on the blog. We’ve also interviewed her a number of times. Her book Felt World contains a number of photographs from some of our earlier meetings