La Ferita by JR on the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence

La Ferita is an installation on the side of Florence’s Palazzo Strozzi from the artist JR. Standing at 28 metres high and 33 metres high it is shown as a scar on the side of the building. Inside, the interior is revealed, some parts real and some imagined. It is an epic visual artwork in JR’s distinctive black and white photographic style.

Translated as ‘The Wound’ in English the piece is a commentary on accessibility during Covid-19. It’s something that has applied not only to the Palazzo Strozzi but to many other cultural institutions in Florence and beyond. The fact that for the past year these institutions have been closed. Only imagination has been letting the viewer guess what’s inside.

JR hanging from the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence
JR by the Palazzo Strozzi

JR Artwork on the Palazzo Strozzi

“They say the museums are closed” said JR. “But it’s up to us to open them… These last few months, we have been deprived from the possibility to be together … but we still the freedom to dream, to create, to envision the future. Maybe, it’s not much, but we have that!”

Covering the main facade of the Palazzo Strozzi, the piece by JR is a collage. When seen from a certain angle it blends with the building. Looking just as if a massive wound has opened up on the side. It’s a wound that many have felt. Theatres, cinemas, art galleries and museums have had to close their doors. Arturo Galansino, the Palazzo’s director general said the piece is “a powerful reflection on the difficult conditions surrounding access to culture in the age of Covid-19”.

La Ferita was revealed on 19 March 2021 and is a work by French artist JR. The artwork coincides with the launch of the Palazzo Strozzi Future Art Programme. This is a contemporary art programme which includes the commissioning of an annual piece of public art in Florence. For a previous article about the work of JR on Inspiring City, click here.

JR assembling his latest work on the facade of the Palazzo Strozzi
Completing the artwork on the facade of the Palazzo Strozzi
JR installing La Ferita on the Palazzo Strozzi in Florence
Work on La Ferita on the exterior of the building
La Ferita by JR on the facade of the Palazzo Strozzi
La Ferita aka ‘The Wound’

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