Top Murals from the Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

The Cheltenham Paint Festival was one of the only UK based street art festivals to survive 2020. Rare in a scene where a number of other events had to be curtailed and postponed due to the pandemic.

Always confident that a festival would happen. The team behind the Cheltenham Paint Festival were quite prepared for just a low key celebration. In the end some funding from sponsors came through and they were able to paint some big impressive walls.

Snik have painted a mural in Cheltenham for the 2020 paint festival

Street Art in Cheltenham

It wasn’t the first Cheltenham Paint festival for the year 2020 either. Earlier, at the height of lockdown, Cheltenham had already hosted a first of its kind virtual festival. Featuring artists from all over the world they submitted photoshopped images of their art onto images of Cheltenham buildings. It kept the street art scene in the town alive and prompted a lot of national coverage.

Getting out and about is what really what street art festivals are about though. Speaking to Inspiring City earlier in the year, the director Andy Davies told us how determined he was to put on an event. His initial plan was to host a jam in the popular hall of fame at the Honeybourne Line tunnels. In the end that still happened but a number of other locations were added alongside it.

Cheltenham Paint Festival Map

Already the spa town has plenty of street art. The result of four consecutive events, there are now a number of significant murals to be seen in the town. It’s even resulted in it’s own street art map and you can find all the locations in the link below.

My Dog Sighs art in the North Place Car Park

Artists of the Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

So in no particular order here are some of our highlights from the Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020. This is just a selection though, many more pieces were created. Check out the official site to see more.

Snik – 1 Townsend Street

Snik mural for Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

Dan Kitchener – Kenilworth House, Princess Elizabeth Way

Dan Kitchener mural for Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

Jody – Sudeley House, Princess Elizabeth Way

Jody mural for Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

This One & Jim Vision – High Street Car Park

Mural by This One and Jim Vision for Cheltenham Paint Festival 2020

My Dog Sighs – North Place Car Park

Pogo – Cheltenham Spa Train Station

John D’oh – Bridge 4 above Swindon Road

Curtis Hylton – 1 Cleeveland Street

Dotmasters – Tewkesbury Road Post Office

Lucas Antics – St Pauls Parade

PAD – Honeybourne Line Tunnels


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