Secret Art Prize is back at the Curious Duke Gallery – Apply Soon!!!

The popular ‘Secret Art Prize‘ is back at the Curious Duke Gallery. Renowned for pushing forward the careers of many an artist. It’s a competition which specializes in giving a platform to new and emerging artists.

Masterminded by Eleni Duke, she is one of the country’s youngest female gallerists. Founding the gallery in 2011 her view at the beginning was to build a business based on openness and accessibility. Her view very much that her gallery would not have the traditional stigma that can make other galleries feel intimidating.

The winners from the Curious Duke Gallery’s Secret Art Prize 2018. From left are Sr. X, Later Ago, Michelle Lua Kum Cheung, Eleni Duke, Evi Antonio, Kelly Jenkins and Stuart Holdsworth from Inspiring City

We go quite a way back with the Curious Duke. One of our favourite gallery spaces we’ve met and got to know many an artist which they’ve championed. We even interviewed Eleni back in 2013. In that meeting she explained the thought process behind the name. “I believe all art should be curious” she told me.

Last year Inspiring City also had the pleasure of hosting the awards. Michelle Loa Kum Cheung was the winner. An artist who employs techniques such as pyrography (that’s burning wood to you and me) in order to create beautiful enchanted landscapes. The runners up included the talented Evi Antonio, Later Ago, Kelly Jenkins and the indomitable Sr.X.

A selection of work from the finalists from 2018. Clockwise from the top left shows work from Evi Antonio, Later Ago, Michelle Loa Kum Cheung, Kelly Jenkins and Sr.X.

This time and now in it’s fifth year judges including Michelle and the popular art critic Tabish Khan will be determining the winner from what no doubt will be a tough field. Joining them will be artists Lee Herring and Alison Hand alongside art writer Anna McNay. It’s bound to be a strong field but entering just might well be worth it.

The Secret Art Prize closes on 5 July 2019. It is hosted by the Curious Duke Gallery with results on 13 September 2019. You can apply for the prize here.

Work from Michelle McKinney the winner of the 2017 competition

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