Graffiti Grannies come to Aberdeen for the Nuart Festival

Nuart is once again coming to Aberdeen for the third year of it’s popular street art festival. This time teaming up with LATA 65 to present a series of workshops aimed at the over 65’s.

Formed by Portuguese curator Lara Seixo Rodriguese, the initiative has since been emulated across the world. Now Nuart are bringing the programme to Scotland and to the city of Aberdeen.


“At the core of Nuart is a desire to see our city walls hosting ground breaking street art” explained the festival. “But also to see our communities engaged as active participants and creators. Not just passive observers.” Through Lara’s own work in Lisbon she too had discovered that there was a much more diverse and wide ranging group of people appreciating street art.

Nuart also saw that a lot of pensioners were joining their street art tours as well as attending their openings. Wondering if the project set up by Lara might transcend borders. It did of course. The result is the ‘LATA 65‘ project and it’s series of workshops – ‘Young at Art’. Working to destroy old stereotypes it’s about, they say, “turning senior citizens into genuine street artists.” Not only by providing spray cans, masks and gloves but hands on tutorial and walls around the city too.

“My favourite thing about doing LATA 65″ says Lara “is watching the huge transformation that each person goes through”. Watching the groups of people participating “just like any bunch of kids having fun in front of a wall.”

The Nuart Street Art Festival in Aberdeen will take place between 18 April 2019 and 21 April 2019. Application forms for LATA 65 – ‘Young at Art’ can be picked up and posted into an application box from a pick-up point near the food court area on the Upper Mall of the Bon Accord Centre. Electronic versions can be requested by emailing The deadline for all applications is 29 March 2019. Participants will be selected at random and notified by 2 April 2019.

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