Inspiring Art Exhibitions at the Edinburgh Art Festival ‘17

Since 2004, Edinburgh Art Festival has brought established and emerging artists’ work together to create an extraordinary celebration of the wonderful world of art. The festival is the biggest of it’s kind in the UK and with a whole month packed with special events and art exhibitions, it’s an event that you won’t want to miss.

The Edinburgh Art Festival is just one of the many cultural festivals in the city, and to celebrate the launch of their Edinburgh Festival Finder, our friends at expedia have brought their guide to the most inspiring and unconventional exhibitions taking place at this year’s event.

Expedia’s Edinburgh Festival Finder provides information on the city’s amazing festivals, as well as other things to do, see and explore in the Edinburgh.

Whether you’re new to the art scene or you’re simply looking for some fresh inspiration, read on to discover some of the best that Edinburgh Art Festival has to offer this year.


Wendy McMurdo: Let’s Go to a Place

This exhibition looks at the impact of technology on younger generations, as/and Edinburgh-born artist Wendy McMurdo uses her photography to examine and document the relationship between today’s children and computers.

Wendy McMurdo explains how last summer, she observed children spending their time playing Pokemon Go and chasing Pokemon around the streets of the city, ‘inhabiting two worlds at the same time – one geographic and one imaginary’. Her aim was to capture this ‘dual existence’ and her work does just that.

Her installation ‘Let’s go to a place’ will be showcased in the Museum of Childhood from the 24th July – 4th September, however if you want to get a preview, the photo’s from her exhibition are also on her website.

Wendy McMurdo: Let’s Go to a Place

young girl wendy mcmurdo
Young Girl by Wendy McMurdo

Heather Lander: Nearer Future

Nearer Future is an exhibition that you definitely won’t want to miss. This collaboration with composer Robert Bentall, brings light and sound together in an incredible way to create a striking moving image installation.

Heather Lander’s work explores the way technology can, and will, affect our interpretation of reality, and uses waves and beams of light in combination with ambient music from Robert Bentall, to convey this to her audience.

You can find out more about the ‘Nearer Future’ exhibition on the official Edinburgh Art Festival Website.

Heather Lander Nearer Future exhibition

Juliana Capes: Earthly Bodies

Juliana Capes: Earthly Bodies provides a unique take on conventional street art. The exhibition consists of the ‘chewing gum constellations’ dotted around the city, and emphasises how a simple intervention can turn a usually unnoticed part of human life into a theatre of wonder and intrigue.

This free event takes place on the 12th August in Lady’s Stairs Close, Edinburgh, however tickets have to be booked in advance to get a place on the tour.

Juliana Capes
Juliana Capes Pavement Astronomy

This was a guest post from Expedia to promote their festival finder which is a great little resource for finding out about Edinburgh’s many festivals.

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