Dreph street art portraits appear all over the East End

Popping up around East London over the past few months have been a series of portraits from the London based artist Neequaye Dreph, known simply on his work as ‘Dreph’

The works all feature the faces of different artists that Dreph has known or worked with.  Each portrait comes with a story and you can come across most of them on his instagram page.

According to his website, Drephs work is “unapologetic, presenting an alternative black British narrative. His murals are a tribute to living unsung hero’s and heroines, larger than life and in technicolor in our public spaces.”

And that’s what he’s done, with spots in areas such as Brick Lane, Hackney Road, Great Eastern Street and Fashion Street murals have popped up featuring friends from the local arts and music scenes.

We haven’t captured them all unfortunately, a few disappeared before we could get there but what we did see we’ve put below.  Luckily our friends at Jenikya’s blog did manage to see them all so if you need to see them all in their glory head on over there but in the meantime check out some of the works in our gallery below.

Dreph gallery

Carleen De Sozer – Star Yard – Carleen De Sozer website

Fellow street artist Carleen De Sozer painted by Dreph in the Stay Yard on Brick Lane
Dreph’s portrait of Carleen De Souza next to her image of Malcolm X


Abe Odedina – Brick Lane – Abe Odedina Website

Abe Odedina portrait on Fashion Street

Benji Reid – Hackney Road – Benji Reid website

dreph stik hackney road benji reid
Benji Reid by Dreph
dreph hackney road benji reid stik
Benji Reid portrait on Hackney Road


T-Roy – Great Eastern Street – Broadcite music

dreph great eastern street t-roy
Portrait of music producer T-Roy on Great Eastern Street
dreph great eastern street t-roy
T-Roy portrait by Dreph looking down Great Eastern Street towards Aldgate


After this post was published some more work from Dreph and Carleen De Sozer appeared in the Seven Stars car park on Brick Lane, replacing the images there previously featured at the top of this post.  These pieces were captured on 24 January 2017.

New piece from Carleen De Sozer and a portrait of Nana Yaa Sakyibea from Dreph
Ghanain fashion designer Nana Yaa Sakyibea.  Read her story here


  1. Thank you for the shoutout. I was lucky enough to see the one being painted (nearly finished) on Fashion Street, which I saw earlier this month had been replaced by a more colourful portrait. I spoke to Dreph for a minute to compliment his work. I love his work!
    Jenn (Jenikya’s Blog)

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