Inspiring City Podcasts

So did you know that Inspiring City also does podcasts? We interview some of the people making waves within the urban and street art scene in London. All the Inspiring City podcasts published so far can be found on this page and this will be updated as and when new podcasts are produced.


Artist Jennifer Dickson-Katori aka JDK talks about moving from Chicago to London and moving from sculpture into street art

Interview with JDK the scupltor turned street artist


Rowena Hillel from the National Archives talks about Queer City, their collaboration with the National Trust and focusing on the LGBTQ+ Soho club scene from 1918-1967

A Journey around the Queer City of Soho, its clubs and its culture

andrea tyrimos bipolar picasso
Andrea Tyrimos talks about her show ‘Bipolar Picasso’ raising awareness of Mental Health

Andrea Tyrimos creates ‘Bipolar Picasso’ a new show to raise awareness of Mental Health

The Top 10 Moments from the first full year of Dalston’s BSMT Space

Sr.X’s Pork Loin Roast serves up a tasty treat in the BSMT Space gallery in Dalston

Yvonne Wayling and Kim Tong combine to create some compulsive beauty in Greenwich

Spotlight on Elno the Spanish street artist making her mark on London

Street artists combine to paint murals of endangered animals in Tower Hamlets

Spotlight on Dan Kitchener as he brings his light, neon and Geishas to Brick Lane

Andrea Tyrimos paints telephone box on Southampton Row to create public art statement on air pollution

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