Time is short so the Time is Now as Looking for Heroes embarks on a Mother Daughter tour of America

We’ve enjoyed watching the social media journey blazed over the internet from our friends at Looking for Heroes over the past few years.  Originally an Instagram channel celebrating the achievements and lives of real people from across London, it’s grown a fair bit since then even managing to get nominated in the prestigious Shorty ‘Instagrammer of the year‘ awards.

This latest project celebrates the lives of those a little closer to us, the lives of the people we love and how important it is to do what we can to make the most of the time we have with those people.

‘The Time is Now’ follows the month long trip across the United States between a mother and her daughter.  Talking about the trip, Alex from Looking for Heroes explains how, although it was always something they had planned on doing, the time was never quite right.  It was only after losing her Grandmother that Alex thought that waiting for the time to be right might mean that she’d be waiting a long time and so really, the only right time is right now.

Traveling from New York to Los Angeles via the likes of Washington, Knoxville and Nashville the trip was a chance to spend quality time with a hero a little closer to home.  You can see more about the trip here at the Looking for Heroes website.

A few pictures from the trip can be seen below along with a nice little video which just reminds us to celebrate the now and celebrate the people closest to us just a little bit more.

looking for heroes
Looking out over the sea
looking for heroes
At the statue of liberty
looking for heroes
looking for heroes
Crossing the bridge
looking for heroes
Looking out over the Los Angeles hills

To see more of Looking for Heroes have a look at the website here, the Instagram page here or the YouTube channel here.  We’ve also featured Alex and her heroes a couple of other times here on Inspiring City and to read those click on the links below.  All photos used in this post are courtesy of Looking for Heroes.

Alex looks for heroes in everyday life and brings some positivity back to the internet

Alex from Looking for Heroes meets Ashley, Hannah, Neela, Alain and Chiara as part of her everyday hero series

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