New talent abounds at the Curious Duke Gallery in the latest of our Spotlight series

by guest blogger, the Curious Duke Gallery’s Sinead Loftus

There is a corner of London that introduces art lovers to new artists from the UK and abroad, and that corner is East London’s Curious Duke Gallery. Over the last two months we have been introduced to five new talents that I will share with you here. These may be of particular interest if you are an animal and nature lover with a taste for the intergalactic.

Abigail Reed –

Bristol based Reed began her larger than life drawings and paintings at a young age and has never looked back.  Beginning with life drawing, she moved to animals as she sought escape in the natural world, saying of her work “They explore the tension between us and nature and our need to ‘own it’, cage it in but fall in love with it too.” Smouldering and gritty in equal measure.

Abigail Reed Stag Head(poise 2)65x65cm
Abilgail Reed ‘Staghead’

Carley Cornelissen –

Creating her neon and Pop Art inspired collaged canvases to raise awareness for endangered animals; Cornelissen does it with all the fun and sunshine that a worthy cause often lacks. This may be due to the fact that Carley soaks up the light of Australia’s Sunshine Coast and shines on our miserable London but aren’t we the happier for it. “With a lot of my work I am taking an animal and creating an environment with can’t be touched by human greed, they can live peacefully together.”

Carley Cornelissen Jungle Fever
Carley Cornelissen ‘Jungle Fever’

Lee Herring –

You may have seen Lee Herring on Twitter recently discussing his studio slippers (get yours now!), but it is important to look past the comfort to his daubs of colour and his countryside muse. If you really want to know what makes Lee tick, his suggested reading is quite revealing as it is not art related, but both the Freakonomics books and Paul Gascoigne’s Autobiography are a clue to the workings of this artists mind- art is escapism.

Lee Herring thumbnail_fields-of-magenta%5b1%5d
Lee Herring ‘Fields of Magenta’

Steven Quinn –

Belfast born Steven Quinn takes us to outer space with his intergalactic talents. I kid you not, his animated gifs drive us in retro style along highways blanketed by galaxies, and swimming pools on the moon and atomic bombs make perfect family viewing. It is important to note that Quinn doesn’t share his time with the space age and these gifs are available as limited edition prints. If this is what space travel will be like, I might book a ticket.

Steven Quinn MoonPool3
Steven Quinn ‘Moonpool’

Richard Goold  –

The saviour of Old Master artworks, Goold is breaking out a very unique style of drawing. On closer inspection those subtle lines are in fact tube shaped contour lines that swirl in and out of each other into classical poses and subjects. 

Richard Goold -Girl brushing hair- Fine liner and marker pen on card.42x59 cm
Richard Goold ‘Girl brushing hair’

This article is the latest in the Inspiring City ‘spotlight’ series by Sinead Loftus. The featured artists are all represented by the Curious Duke Gallery.    

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