Femme Fierce returns for 2016 with another all female jam in the Leake Street Tunnel

Femme Fierce returned for it’s third annual outing in the Leake Street tunnel although on a lesser scale from previous events and not this time taking place on International Women’s Day.

Instead the 2016 version was more of a decent sized paint jam with a variety of artists, male as well as female painting at spots in the tunnel.  Gone was the background colour scheme and extras of recent years but that didn’t seem to matter to the artists who took part or the visitors who came to watch.

Tattu Femme Fierce

Tattu by her wall

Still artists from all over the World and the UK turned up to paint with people coming from as far afield as France, Austria, Italy, Spain, Dubai and Finland.  A variety of backgrounds were included too with what might be described as more traditional street art being combined with graffiti writing.

In fact, although it wouldn’t have been immediately obvious, there were two events running simultaneously, with the Femme Fierce artists competing for space alongside as a smaller collective of artists who had banded under the banner of ‘The Artists’, the latter being a mixed gender crew.  The pictures from all the works are included in the gallery below.

Kamilla Lucarelli

Work in progress from Kamilla Lucarelli

For us here at Inspiring City it was still a great day with some great art.  Although if Femme Fierce is going to happen again to the extent that it has done in previous years, then it really will need to go back to it’s original date of March to coincide with International Women’s Day.  There the combination of female street artists with the publicity that the day brings, really manages to generate the interest of the press and the public alike.

This time there were a few standouts in terms of artists for me, Tattu from France and Kamilla Lucarelli from Italy created some impressive pieces and it was the first time I’d managed to see both of these artists in action.  From the more traditional graffiti side, another artist I’d not come across before, Rubie from Leeds, impressed with her lettering.

Rubie Femme Fierce

Rubie a writer from Leeds

There’s no doubt that Femme Fierce is a great event with a strong brand and even with a low key setup it still has the potential to capture the imagination of the public.  Fingers crossed next year it will be back to business as usual because when it works, Femme Fierce is one of the biggest and best street art events out there.

Femme Fierce took place on Saturday 7 May 2016 in the Leake Street Tunnel in Waterloo. It is the third consecutive event that the event has been held.  To see art from Femme Fierce 2014 and Femme Fierce 2015 click on the links.

Femme Fierce 2016 Gallery

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femme fierce Dala

Finished piece from Dala

Femme Fierce

Dala from Sheffield

Rubie femme fierce

Finished piece from Rubie

rubie femme fierce

Rubie finishing off her piece

kaliedoscope eyes femme fierce

Kaleidoscope Eyes hanging out at the end of the tunnel

Kaleidoscope eyes femme fierce

Completed piece from Kaliedoscope Eyes

Amelia Unity Femme Fierce

Amelia Unity finishing off her wall

Piece from Amelia Unity and Pyklops femme fierce

Tattu femme fierce

Tattu finishing the detail on her wall

Tattu Femme Fierce

Tattu in action

Mondi Femme Fierce

Mondi next to her piece

Jane Mutiny Femme Fierce

Jane Mutiny

Jane Mutiny Femme Fierce

Jane Mutiny in action

femme fierce

Piece from Giulia Menny Cosco

Femme Fierce

Eroica from Spain

Dina Saadi Femme Fierce

Dina Saadi work in progress

Dina Haadi Femme Fierce

Dina Haadi

Dina Saadi femme fierce

Work in progress from Dina Saadi

Georgie Femme Fierce

Georgie by her finished wall

Georgie Painter Femme Fierce

Georgie Painter in action

femme fierce

Nora Helsinki working on her piece

Femme Fierce

The outside of the tunnel with work from Nora Helsinki in the foreground

hazard femme fierce

Miss Hazard finished piece

Hazard femme fierce

Miss Hazard piece with the tunnel

Femme Fierce Peachez

Peachez next to her Flamingo

Femme Fierce

Peachez work in progress

Aliss Curtsi

Aliss Curtis

Aliss Curtis Femme Fierce

Aliss finishing off her piece

Femme Fierce Supernoba noba

Finished piece from Noba


Finished work from Thingie

Thingie Femme Fierce

Thingie in action

ODK Femme Fierce

Sometimes there is no darker place than our own thoughts – ODK

JDK Femme Fierce

JDK painting in the same location as last year

Bea Toa Femme Fierce

Completed piece from Bea Toa

femme fierce Bea Toa

Work from Bea Toa next to a tag wall

Kamilla Lucarelli

Work in progress from Kamilla Lucarelli

kamilla Lucarelli femme fierce

Kamilla Lucarelli in silhouette

Andromeda femme fierce

Piece from Brighton based Andromeda

Evay femme fierce

Work form Evay

Thundercunt femme fierce

Completed piece from Thunderc_unt

Giusi Tomasello Femme Fierce

Work in progress from Giusi Tomasello

Giusi Tomasello Femme Fierce

Giusi’s finished work in the tunnel

Sophy nails femme fierce

Sophy Nails in action

Sophy Nails Femme Fierce

Sophy Nails respect

Mimmit Peinttaa femme fierce

Piece advertising Mimmit Peinttaa by Rosa Kivinen the all female street art event happening on 20th August 2016 in Finland

femme fierce

Models pose before the unfinished work from Rosa Kivinen

Femme Fierce

Not sure who this artist is any ideas please let me know


Cat and mouse from Avalele

Thingie and Artbyfane Femme Fierce

Work from Thingie and Fane next to each other



Femme Fierce

Piece from KitKat Taylor

femme fierceFemme Fierce

And it wasn’t just the female artists taking part in the paint jam

airborne mark

An origami gun from Airborne Mark

Airborne Mark

Airborne Mark painted an Origami gun in the tunnel

Femme Fierce

Model poses by the entrance to the tunnel

Perspicere femme fierce

Work from Perspicere with one of the pieces created in the alternative event

femme fierce

A model poses by an unfinished wall

Graffeeney femme fierce

Grafeeney with a wall he painted in the Leake Street Tunnel during Femme Fierce

Olivier Robieu

Model next to work from Olivier Robieu

Olivier Roubieu Femme Fierce

Models pose by work from Oliver Robieu whilst the artist watches on

Femme Fierce

Street arts sucks – it must be true it’s written down


The Tunnel