The art world pays tribute to David Bowie as tributes fill the internet

The first thing I read on the morning of 11 January 2016 was a facebook post from a good friend of mine who I went to college with but now see nowhere near often enough.  It simply said “utterly devastated by the Bowie news.  Soundtrack to my life.  Thoughts with his family.  Musical giant.”

And that’s what I think a lot of people thought about the musical genius of the man.  The airwaves have been awash with tributes from people from different generations who knew him in different guises.  For me, he was the Goblin King.  I learnt to appreciate his music afterwards but before that Labyrinth was and is one of my favourite movies.  In fact to quote an epic conversation from that great movie…

You remind me of the babe!  What babe?  The babe with the power!  What power?  The power of voodoo! Who do?  You do?  Do what?  Remind me of the babe.

bowie jimmy c
The Bowie mural in Brixton by Jimmy C. Photo also by Jimmy C

One of the most recognisable pieces of art that commemorated Bowie when he lived could and still can be found in Brixton.  Just opposite the station, it’s a piece of work by Jimmy C who has created an iconic portrait using his recognisable bubble style.  On the evening of the announcement of his passing, the mural became an impromptu shrine but it was anything but a morbid wake.  Instead the good folks of Brixton, where he was born, sung and danced the night away

That mural can still be seen and has been photographed and visited by many over the past few days.  There are other tributes though that have been created by multiple artists online and a quick search will reveal many which is a great thing about the artistic community, they are never slow in paying their respects in the best way they know how.

So for this post I thought I’d compile a few of the images I’ve seen online.  There are some great tributes and they represent only a fraction of the work that’s out there and there’s no way I’ve managed to capture them all.  Have a look and see what you think and to quote the great man…

We can be Heroes, for ever and ever.  What d’you say?

David Bowie tribute gallery

bowie eduardo kobra
Bowie by Eduardo Kobra
Forever David by CV aka Constantine Vraziotis
Bowie by Constantine Vraziotis

bowie paul don smith

Bowie by Paul Don Smith

bowie the london police
Bowie by the London Police
bowie c215
Bowie by C215
bowie graffiti life
Bowie by Graffiti Life
bowie hello kitty
Bowie by Hello Kitty
bowie otto schade
Bowie by Otto Schade
bowie os gemeos
Bowie by Os Gemeos
bowie luke cheuh
Bowie by Luke Cheung
Bowie Rugman
Bowie by Rugman
bowie gnasher
Bowie by Gnasher
bowie gemma furbank
Bowie by Gemma Furbank
bowie dope
Bowie by Dope
bowie artista
Bowie by Artista
bowie float
Bowie by Float
bowie patrice murciano
Bowie by Patrice Murciano


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