All girl paint jam on Blackall Street in Shoreditch kicks off 2016 painting season in style

The first real paint jam of 2016 kicked off over the weekend with an all girl extravaganza on the little alley known as Blackall Street in Shoreditch.

A popular spot for paste up artists in particular, the street has taken on a whole new lease of life over the past year on account of the demolition work that’s been taking place on one side of the street.

That work, which will soon result in the creation of a massive office block has seen the previous sixties buildings disappear.  They had overlooked a row of turn of the century warehouse buildings and the resultant alley in between had become a haven for arty types and one of the spots to see if you were ever going to visit the area on a street art tour.

WP_20160109_17_20_35_Pro (2)
Mondi finishing off her piece on Blackall Street with work from Mutiny in the foreground

Now, the warehouse buildings remain yet hoardings have replaced the more modern affairs.  Needless to say they’ve become extraordinarily popular with street artists and graffiti writers who have discovered a whole new series of canvases.

The art there changes very frequently although what will happen when the hoardings come down and the shiny new buildings are built is anyones guess.  My thoughts are that the life of Blackall Street as a key location for street art in the city is a limited one and will soon come to an end as the area finds itself transformed.

For now though we have the chance to see plenty of art and the first paint jam of 2016 saw some of the area’s most popular female street artists gather together to paint some of the hoardings.

Giusi Tomasello next to her piece

On a wet weekend in January, the likes of Giusi Tomasello, Elno, Amelia Unity, Pyklops, Mondi, Mutiny and New Art Rioter got together with the organising skills of Femme Fierce and with walls provided by  Global Street Art to crack open the paint cans and to decorate the hoardings resulting in a bit of a bonanza for the many street art tours that came past cameras in hand.

So for the first paint jam of 2016, check out the gallery below and if you can get down to Blackall Street yourself to see some of the hoardings for yourself, don’t wait too long.  The times as they say, are a changing!

Blackall Street Paint Jam Gallery

Looking down the street towards Shoreditch with Giusi’s work in the foreground
Looking down the street towards Old Street with work from New Art Rioter in the foreground
Looking down the street with work from Elno
Looking down the street with work from Unity in the foreground
WP_20160109_17_02_12_Pro (2)
Mondi in action
WP_20160109_16_31_45_Pro (2)
Elno in action
WP_20160109_16_36_25_Pro (2)
Artists in action with New Art Rioter in the foreground
Giusi finishing off her work
Close up of the work from Unity
The finished piece from Pyklops
Pyklops and Unity
Almost finished work from Giusi Tomasello
Farsi script as part of Mondi’s piece, it says ‘The subconsious mind’
Finished work from Mondi
WP_20160109_17_10_04_Pro (2)
Mondi next to her work
jane laurie blackall street
Mutiny’s completed piece raising awareness of the endangered Bateleur. Photo courtesy of London Calling Blog
New Art Rioter adding the finishing touches
WP_20160109_16_35_43_Pro (2)
New Art Rioter in action
WP_20160109_17_04_41_Pro (2)
Elno next to her finished piece
WP_20160109_17_18_55_Pro (2)
Giusi next to her work
Elno, Giusi and Mondi at the end of the day


Blackall Street was visited on Saturday 9 January 2016.  For more art of the street check out this post from 2013 and for more posts featuring some of the artists here check out some of the pictures from Femme Fierce 2014, Femme Fierce 2015, Pop Brixton featuring Elno, Giusi and Mutiny and Street Art Margate featuring Giusi and Pyklops.



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