Femme Fierce join forces with the Rise Gallery to transform sixties shopping centre in Croydon

In an appetiser to the main event, the juggernaut that is Femme Fierce rolled into Croydon town and brought live street art to the shutters of South London.

Joining forces with the Rise Gallery on St. George’s Walk, the plan was to paint the walls of the area around the gallery in an attempt to bring a little bit of colour to the 60’s shopping centre in which the gallery sits.

Thirty of the artists soon to be appearing at the Femme Fierce Leake Street takeover on International Women’s Day 8 March 2015 descended on the town with the intention of breaking out the spray cans and giving the painting arm a bit of a workout.

For Croydon is was the biggest paint jam of it’s kind ever to have been held in the town and for one day only it became the epicentre of street art activity in the city with more art planned for the area around the Rise in the near future.

So as usual for these sorts of events we brought along our camera and took a few snaps. The Rise Gallery itself will be continuing the street art project in the area over the next few months and will be hosting a gallery show featuring a number of the participating artists on 26 February 2015 so worth getting down to take a look.

Femme Fierce Croydon Takeover Gallery


elno croydon

Elno croydon


Fane croydon

Fane croydon


Pyklops croydon

pyklops croydon

Lilly Lou

lilly lou croydon

lilly lou croydon


artista croydon

artista croydon


float croydon

float croydon

Giusi Tomasello

giusi croydon

giuisi croydon


lisart croydon

lisart croydon

Amara Por Dios

Amara croydon


Adriana Doi

croydon Adriana Doi


Toya Jaymes

toyah jaymes

croydon toyah jaymes


pixie croydon

pixie croydon


mish croydon

mish chang



Vanessa Longchamp

vanessa longchamp croydon

vanessa longchamp



roo croydon

roo croydon



thieu croydon

thieu croydon


moni croydon




Amelia Unity



Anthea Missy

anthea missy

anthea missy croydon


pang croydon

pang croydon

The Nomad Clan, Aylo and Cbloxx

aylo croydon nomad clan
Aylo from the Nomad Clan

cbloxx croydon

cbloxx aylo croydon nomad clan
The finished mural from the Nomad Clan

Miss Hazard

miss hazard

miss hazard


zina croydon

Femme Fierce Reloaded will take place in the Leake Street tunnel in Waterloo on International Womens Day 8 March 2015. Money for the event has been raised via Kickstarter and the art on the day will be in aid of Plan UK. The Rise Gallery can be found on St Georges Walk in Croydon and represents a number of established and emerging artists.

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