Inspiring City Nominated for UK Blog Awards

Yes that’s right it’s that time of year when the UK Blog Awards come around and Inspiring City has received a nomination. Unfortunately it doesn’t tell you who nominated the blog so a big thank you to anyone who did and I’ll try to keep the posts coming.

The UK Blog Awards are a national celebration of blogging and all it’s goodness. Whether your bag is history, sports, photography or as in our case ‘Arts & Culture‘ there is usually something out there for everyone and in terms of finding out the little things it’s usually the blogs where you’ll be able to find them.

Blog Awards

So to celebrate my entry and hopefully generate a bit of a head of steam in terms of the public vote I thought I’d list just a few of my favourite posts from this year. It would be great if you could vote for Inspiring City just click here.

Street Art Boe & Irony Paint a Giant Chihuahua on Chrisp Street

One of my most read posts, this one was picked up by a number of websites much bigger than mine because the subject matter was so much fun. Street artists Boe & Irony painted a giant Chihuahua one the entire side of an apartment building in Poplar, East London. I can safely say the like of which will not have been seen before in Chrisp Street Market which is an area in need of regeneration. The little dog sits on it’s hind legs and stick it’s tongue out as if waiting for a biscuit no wonder it went viral it was just so cute.

Boe & Irony

Man in a Suit made of Real Chicken Skin walks around Trafalgar Square

Another post that went a little bit viral was the story of a guy in a chicken suit except that is it wasn’t any old fancy dress chicken suit, it was a suit made of real chicken skin. This, I suppose, does explain the interest as it’s not everyday you get to see something like this and I was fortunate enough to be there to record it. This was performance art in the extreme and although I’m still not entirely sure what the message was, it sure made for some good photos.

Lewis Burton in Flesh
Lewis Burton in Flesh

The Lucy Sparrow Trilogy

One project that really caught my imagination was the felt corner shop devised and created over the best part of the year from fabric artist Lucy Sparrow. Funded through a Kickstarter campaign I followed her progress from inception through to the hugely successful opening of the Cornershop in Bethnal Green where everything was made out of felt and wool. In total I wrote three articles covering the life cycle of the project and it seemed that the public agreed with me, everyone loved the Corner shop

Cornershop part 1 – The Kickstarter Campaign
Cornershop part 2 – One Month to Go, Sewing, Sewing and more Sewing
Cornershop part 3 – The Cornershop Opens

Lucy Sparrow in the Cornershop
Lucy Sparrow in the Cornershop

The Femme Fierce Series

Another campaign we really threw our weight around was the All Female Takeover of the Leake Street tunnel, Femme Fierce, held on international Women’s Day earlier this year. This was a great project and really did a lot in terms of not only raising the profile of women in street art but it was a huge positive story for street art itself. The event was a huge success and interviews with organiser Ayaan Bulale, Steffi Bow, Lana Alana and Artista led up to the event. Afterwards a series of summaries followed including a review of the event and an alternative photographic journey.

Ayaan next to a wall painted by Swedish female artist Amara Por Dios
Ayaan next to a wall painted by Swedish female artist Amara Por Dios

Tower Poppies Tribute

Finally it seems right that in the week of armistice I reflect on this post which highlighted the amazing Poppy installation in the moat of the tower. Surely it is one of the most remarkable examples of public art ever created and one of the most moving tributes imaginable. My post not only looked at the Poppies but also the context in which they were placed and that is that every single one represented a fallen allied soldier. I told the story of my Great Uncle William Blomfield who died during one of the last great pushes of the war and it helped me to connect with what the installation at the Tower was really all about.

The brilliant poppies in bright red
The brilliant poppies in bright red

Thanks to everyone for continuing to read and support my blog, if you’d like to vote for Inspiring City please vote here 🙂


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