C215 art restored in London

It was an act of pure vandalism when, not even one week after appearing, new artwork from French artist Christian Guemy got callously scarred.

Guemy, better known as C215, is a regular on the London art scene and makes regular trips over the channel to paint portrait art in the East End. Using stencils, the work is always intricate and full of detail capturing the emotion of his subjects.

His work can be seen around the Brick Lane and Shoreditch area and it won’t take long to spot one, usually nestling in a doorway.

Such is the quality of his work and the esteem in which it is held it was therefore baffling when several pieces were daubed with bright blue paint across the eyes of the portrait. It was pure, illogical and wanton malicious damage.

Thankfully it would seem that C215 has been back and restored some of the work even adding a few new touches along the way.

Close up of an old man by C215 on Blackall Street
This piece has been beautifully restored and bird has been added making it even more special
Before the damage was callous and wanton
This portrait if a girl has also been restored and can be found in Blackall Street
Its hidden away under a vent so you may need to work to see it but its worth the wait
Again the blue paint across the eyes is the hallmark of an incomplete mind


  1. I can’t understand this kind of vandalism. If people don’t like art, they should simply ignore it, instead of going out of their way to destroy it.
    P.S: I really appreciate your blog, a real gem 🙂

    1. Thanks very much, glad you like the blog 🙂 believe it or not, both the restored pieces have since been destroyed again. Really don’t understand what goes through some peoples mind 🙁

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