Little Green Men in East London

Wandering along the banks of the River Lee the other day I noticed an interesting bit of hidden away street art in an area not normally noted for it’s creative offerings.

The piece, on the banks of the Lee close to Bow Lock is a 3D model of a face, attached to a post and painted green.  A little green man if you will.  It reminded me of a very similar model I’ve seen many times before on Sclater Street just off from Brick Lane.  There the face is on top of a wall, often inaccessible because of the market traders plying their wares underneath.  It looks out into the street sometimes unnoticed amongst all the other street at in that area.

The one by Bow Lock is very similar in style and looks to be from the same person but I could be wrong so if anyone knows give me a shout. It seems to have been originally a protest piece with the words ‘no nuclear’ written on the wooden post above the head of the model.

So there you go, there really are little green men in the east end.

Green man by Bow Locks
Green man on Sclater Street

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