Saurons eye over the Thames

One of the best places to catch a sunset in London is by the Thames at Westferry on the Isle of Dogs.  Even without the sunset there’s always a cracking view of the Docks at Limehouse all the way up to the City with the Shard also prominent on the horizon. Yesterday I got lucky and the sun set directly behind the Shard giving a me a fantastic view.

Now London’s tallest building has been compared by some to the home of Sauron the chief baddy of Lord of the Rings.  Frodo and Sam on their way across Mordor have to get to Saurons tower in their quest to destroy the ring, it is quite an important place in the story.  As they stagger across the barren land, the weight of the ring upon them, Saurons eye strikes out like a beacon from the tower.  It has to be said the potential fun I could have with that scene did not escape me.  So here it is, Saurons eye looking over London 🙂

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