Nathan Bowen in London Bridge

Wandering around London Bridge the other day I spotted this montage of images from Nathan Bowen who seems to have been quite active recently on the street art scene.  Not only has he recently held an exhibition of his work at the Curious Duke Gallery on Smith Cross Street but he also remastered a recent piece from LUSH on Commercial Street.  The piece which showed a unicorn split in half with a rainbow linking the two half’s together was added to with a series of Bowen’s scrawly little men riding said mythical beast.

In London Bridge just by a Boris bike docking station and on the hoardings for an upcoming development, Bowen has created a montage of his little men in builders clothes in all sorts of poses some of which are slightly cheeky.  Ten drawings are on the outside of the hoardings and two are in the doorway to the work site.  Worth seeing if your down that way it’s just next to the Hop Exchange docking station in Borough.

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